Blog: Sports, sweet snacks and (public) speaking

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Written by a Cambridge Immerse 2016 Summer Mentor

AnotherIMG_5249 day has passed and can you believe it? Already we have completed our first week of tutorials at Cambridge Immerse! It’s been a whirlwind of new friendships, learning and of course fun, but thankfully, there is still so much more to come.

Today, after the usual day of tutorials, we headed over to Jesus Green for a second round of sports. Luckily, the quint
essentially British rain showers cleared up just in time for a fabulously sunny afternoon and the teams engaged in spirited games of football, netball, rounders and Ultimate Frisbee. With many playing the games for the first time, the atmosphere was relaxed,
but with healthy dose of competition and lots of cheering on from fellow team members.


In the evening, some of our number took to the floor with public speaking and debating workshops. After analysing the speeches of the likes of Barack Obama and Steve Jobs, they engaged in their own speeches and debates. Shout outs to Morgan, Yannick and Ana for some excellent speeches!

A few others were the first to be subjected to the mentors’ mock university interviews and hopefully everyone emerged reassured rather than traumatised! Nonetheless, handy advice definitely changed hands and personal statements were finely combed through.

The rest of us relaxed with tea and cakes, as well as (need I even say) games of Mafia, an (almost) Cambridge Immerse tradition! After all, there’s no better way to finish a busy day than with a thrilling whodunit. Tomorrow, to Oxford! What will our participants think of ‘the other place’?

– Jiali Gao, Cambridge Immerse mentor and 2nd year Medic at Selwyn College