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Written by Bronte Cullum, Immerse Education mentor and 1st year lawyer at Gonville and Cauis

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Today marks the first day of session one! Christ’s College was abuzz with introductions and the thudding noises of some very heavy luggage making its way up the stairs throughout the day. We had arrivals coming in from 1am this morning, and many wended their way to Cambridge on shuttles chaperoned by our mentors – right from the early morning to the late evening! At 2:30 the tours of the college began, with the participants learning more about the rich history of the grounds that they are going to call home for the next two weeks.

6:30pm saw the first serving of a lovely dinner in Upper Hall before the evening activities began at 8:15pm. Both the green and orange groups switched between two ice-breaker activities: speed acquainting and a competition to build the highest tower out of 75straws, one roll of tape and 30 sheets of paper. One of our participants, Ben, turned 18 today, so we dimmed the lights after the first round of speed acquainting and sang himimage2 (1) happy birthday – complete with a cake and candles! The tower-building exercised achieve various levels of success, but while some towers may have crumbled, the budding friendships most certainly didn’t!