Immerse Education 2019 App Competition

Mathematics Summer School


Congratulations to the winner of the Immerse Education 2019 App Competition!

Léo Wújì Yangkai Procházka submitted his design for an app called YouMesh which was inspired by the need for secure, reliable communication in environments where this may not be readily available.

“The purpose of my app (YouMesh) is to aid in situations where normal means of communications and access to updates and news aren’t available or aren’t favourable. The app is supposed to make use of mesh networking, which doesn’t have a central, essential point that could potentially bring the entire network down.

The app would provide a means of communication, which could be private and secure, or more open in chatrooms or groups and also the transmission and display of other information.””The target market for my app (YouMesh) is primarily temporary establishments/facilities, such as refugee camps, emergency shelters, or other types of camps (educational, humanitarian, first aid).

These kind of facilities are likely to have lower cell coverage, especially in the case of natural disasters, and yet many mobile phones, making the use of YouMesh a choice to consider. However, YouMesh should also be able to be adapted for use in permanent facilities, such as offices, schools, hospitals, etc. The more permanent facilities have (usually) a large amount of mobile phone users, expanding the network range.

Some of said facilities do have wireless networks installed, however, as mentioned before, these rely on central points which are essential to the system and could bring it entirely down if part of the hardware would fail. Overall, the target market is facilities that have a larger amount of people which are not too far apart and do have mobile phones, which could benefit from this system.””Most mesh networking competitors only offer the basic functions- texting, image sharing, and some file sharing.

The main feature of my app is that You ‘create’ your own Mesh app, which created the name YouMesh. The app is supposed to be able to be modified, adapted, personalised for each network, posing the choice to enable pre-defined features such as updates (timetables, calendars, news, info), a welcome/home page, sharing of specific file types, normal messaging, private & secure messaging (requiring a key), group messaging, open messaging (to everyone), and firewalls (against viruses). The app also has more specific settings, such as who may join the network, how they join the network, or specific operating times.

These features are supposed to be modified and adapted to the situation and then be applied to all other devices when joining the network. Some networks can also have limited wiring included, say, between different parts of facilities which are already too much a distance away from each other to provide a high enough bandwidth. The wiring would end at wireless hotspots, which would join the network, but not be entirely necessary for the network to operate.”

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