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Tuesday saw a steep drop in UK temperatures from last week as the students settled into their lessons and enjoyed a more laid-back day. In the afternoon, they enjoyed free time by chilling in Cambridge’s beautiful spaces and rehearsing for the upcoming talent night – even the mentors found a moment to watch  and sing along to the new Lion King, which they highly recommend to any mentees looking for a film to watch during their breaks. Afterwards, the Catz mentors took this opportunity to have some R&R with face masks – a first time experience for Dan. Meanwhile, Dylan led a ‘Medicine Q&A’ session for people to have their burning questions about the admission process answered – given that there are so many students here interested in pursuing medicine, this proved to be a popular activity!

Last minute talent night acts came in today as well, and we are all incredibly excited to see what our students come up with – the mentors are hard at work at their own act, and they’ve got some other treats up their sleeves for the mentees on Thursday!

In the evening, the students had a choice between three activities – the first was Cake and Canvas, which gave mentors and mentees alike the chance to release their creative juices by painting their own masterpieces. The accompanying cake buffet went down extremely well, as did DJ Reiss’ background tunes. Some of the paintings produced were absolutely stunning!

The second activity was a talk by ’science magician’ Dr Matt Pritchard, which all the students raved about afterwards – his incredible visual illusions captivated the audience and one student even asked how he could watch one of his shows again at the end!

Finally, students were also offered the chance to have private study, allowing them to work on their projects and essays – it’s been great to see how stimulated and interested the students are in their respective subjects, and this gave them a valuable opportunity to delve deeper into more specific areas of interest.

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