The Awe-Inspiring King’s College Chapel


The day began once more with a multi-course, nutritional buffet breakfast. The delights of egg, cereal, pain au chocolat, beans, and sausages don’t get old for these hungry summer students!

A Good Morning’s Work

After a spell of anxiety over the release of AS Level results, the participants settled into the exciting morning of lessons. A particular invigorating session involved learning mathematics inspired by contemporary mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani (the first woman to win the Fields Prize). At the same time, thought-provoking topics were discussed in Physics, Biology, Law, Economics and Management.

Following a well-earned lunch at the tasty eateries of Cambridge, the students made their way back to Christ’s College for the afternoon slot of tutorials. The English Literature students  grappled the work of female authors Virginia Woolf and Angela Carter, whilst the Law students knuckled down to the gruesome details of torture. On the scientific side our resident biologists studied the inter- and intra-cellular methods of communication.

The King Impresses

The afternoon continued to be stimulating, both academically and socially. The whole group of students and mentors made our way to King’s College Chapel.  It’s safe to say that everyone was astounded by the amazing architecture of the impressive building. The late Gothic architecture sports the largest fan vault in the world and some impressive examples of medieval stained glass. It was built in 1446, and as our students saw it continues to hold an incredibly powerful atmosphere and ambience.  As the students headed back to Christ’s College, armed with fascinating facts on King’s College Chapel, the heavens opened up and we had to run back to the sheltered safety of our temporary home-away-from-home!

The students headed to Upper Hall for a delicious dinner of quiche, salmon or a traditional British roast (complete with Yorkshire pudding!).  Dinner talk was dominated by plans for next week’s talent show. And these discussions carried over to the evening’s activities of Cambridge admission workshops. Jack from the mentor team gave a very useful presentation on personal statements; this was followed by personalised workshops on Law and Medicine admission tests to Cambridge. The students were soaking up all the valuable help and asking intelligent questions. The evening concluded with some dramatic and comic games which resulted in fits of laughter.

All in all, another great day at Immerse Education- we just hope tomorrow’s weather  brightens up for the students’ visit to the beautiful botanic garden!


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