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Teo Psychology Blog
Teo Psychology Blog

Wednesday, 11 August

I woke up today at around 5 AM and got some work done. Since I’m nearing the end of the program, the stress of presentations and final work has become more prevalent, and we’re all spending more time on our personal projects. 

Although groggy and craving to return to bed, I managed to hop down to breakfast, ready to blast through my crispy hashbrowns and jam covered baguettes.

Yet, after breakfast, I headed up to my room and took a short break before hurriedly cramming my laptop and my notebook into my bag for my academic sessions. 

After, I headed down to Cloister Garden for registration at 9:15 AM, and we all promptly made our way to our classrooms for our usual 2-hour seminar. 

During today’s Psychology academic session, we took a break from our usual rigorous discussions and watched Parasite, a film that is very relevant to our current studies and our society as it shows the irreconcilable conflict between the “poor” and the “rich” in modern capitalist societies, with themes of disparity, loss of identity and deception, overall a very insightful film that I would 100% recommend.

Following our first daily session, we headed off for lunch. Personally, I didn’t grab anything as I was full from the avid movie snacking, so I headed off to the garden area, laptop and notebook clutched closely, ready for some more intense studying with my friends.

At around 13:30, everyone made their way excitedly to their second session, during which we continued watching Parasite, indulging in a deep discussion surrounding the film’s themes and applicability to Psychology today. 

At 15:30, our academic sessions were completed for the day, and we had some free time before our 5 PM barbecue. This meant that everyone could head to the garden and get some work done or relax calmly in their room. 

At 5 PM, our BBQ commenced, and we all sat down to enjoy a delicious meal. 

Soon after finishing our meal and taking some time for ourselves, we all headed back to Cloister Garden in order to begin our final evening activities. Today’s was Cake and Canvas, where we let our artistic expression shine and run free whilst also eating cake. 

Fortunately, with slight criticism and aggressive brush strokes, we all created something interesting, abstract and meaningful. Although some people took it more seriously than others, still a hilarious and artistic way to end the day. 

Now we are all itching to know who the winner of this important and prestigious art competition will be.

Ahana, Sidney Sussex, Session 5 – Psychology 


Blog - BBQ After a Day of Analysing Wealth Disparity by Teo Psychology

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