After breakfast the participants headed to the Yusuf Hamied Centre for their morning tutorials. Everyone seems to be enjoying the challenging work, engaging with the materials each tutor had prepared. Active debates could be heard from the International Relations tutorial, whilst those taking maths tackled the extensive workings laid out on the whiteboard.

Out and About in Cambridge

From 12pm the participants headed into Cambridge for lunch in various locations, including Nandos, the Cambridge crepe van and Wagamamas, whilst others took a chance to enjoy the English sunshine in the Fellows Garden of Christ’s College. The promise of a punting tour meant that the afternoon tutorial sessions flew by, and soon after we were all down by the river!

Time to Punt

Chauffeured punt tours allowed everyone to see more of the Cambridge Colleges from the River Cam, whilst hearing more about the city’s facts and myths from professional punting tour guides. Landmarks included Charles Darwin’s house, the second largest chapel in the world, and the College where Christopher Wren and A.A. Milne studied. To share a few: King’s College was founded by Henry VI, who failed in building the largest College, whilst his wife was one of the three queens to found Queens College.

Despite fears of falling in, no one did go swimming, although there were a few close calls in collisions with other punt boats. A handful of participants even tried their hand at punting – some more successfully than others!

After the excursion was some more free time to explore the city on foot in groups, followed by dinner in College. All students were then incredibly enthusiastic to play ‘Mafia’ following last night’s successes.  Despite flying accusations of who was the murderer, much laughter could be heard in the hallways!


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