Sports day at Sidney Sussex! by Katharine – Medicine

Friday, 9 July

It was another very exciting day in Cambridge today for the Immerse 2021 students!  We started the day with breakfast at the College and then attended our morning classes.  In the medical course, we discussed pharmacology, which is a discipline that deals with the discovery, development, and distribution of drugs. 

For lunch, I went with some of my new friends to the market – which has a wide variety of food shops to choose from – and had a Greek Cypriot meal.  At 1:30, we had our second medical session of the day, where we discussed the way in which the efficacy of certain medications is tested and what factors are important to consider when giving them to a patient. 

For our afternoon activity, we were able to show off our athletic sides and participate in Sports Day, playing rounders, having wheel-barrow races, and playing dodgeball.  In the United States, where I live, we don’t play rounders, so it was my first time playing the game (although we do have similar sports like baseball and softball)! 

After dinner, we were split into two groups, and we had to solve a murder mystery, each being given a role to act out – these roles were of the suspects involved in the murder – and then having to use the evidence to discover which character was guilty of the murder and what their motive was.  It was a great end to the week, and the plan for the weekend is to go to London and Oxford!

Katharine, Sidney Sussex, Session 1 (Medicine)


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