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university talent
university talent

The penultimate day of the course began with the students a little more aware that they haven’t long left together. Nonetheless, there is still much to be busy with! Many students have been assigned projects for presentation in their classes, which require a bit of down time from activities and socialising to get right. Today is also the date of the infamous Immerse Education Annual Talent Show; with students (and Mentors, as we will see) bringing the most adeptly skilful talents and impressive acts in all of Cambridge to one venue on one night.

Time to Shine

Before that however, students had to get through their classes. At this stage of the week, students have acquired enough background knowledge to reach the more involved content of their courses. Having gone far beyond their school curriculums, students have found themselves being challenged by teachers to think above and beyond the basics of their respective subjects. All of this is an essential part of learning and intellectual development for people their age, and it is especially apposite in orientating those who plan on continuing their studies at university level in the near future.

Some students were able to take a leisurely lunch break, spending the two hours sauntering around Cambridge, or visiting one of the last Colleges which they have not got a chance to peruse over the last two weeks. Others, however, were working hard to put those final touches on their routines for tonight.

At this time, there is a wonderful buzz around College, with the sound of pianos, guitars and the odd stand-up comedy routine permeating through the courts. In the other, quieter and less frequented portions of Christ College,  esoteric conversations and debates over the subtleties of academic questions were being had by students – in yet other places still, students we’re just having a laugh with new friends, and reflecting on all they had taken from the past few weeks.

Talent Night lived completely up to its hype – a plethora of music, comedy, weird and wonderful feats of skill were on offer. What was not expected – at least on the part of the Mentees – was the show-stopping and undeniably first-class performance from the Mentors (OK – perhaps it was slightly amateurish at points). I can’t divulge all the details here, but suffice it to say that much fun was had in impersonating Mentees and also through what was a bordering-on-risqué drag act from the guys.

A really great way to finish the penultimate night – though there is still much to do tomorrow!


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