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About our writer

Bronte is a current undergraduate of Cambridge University reading Law and Gonville at Caius College.

With students entering their second day of classes, everyone is settling into the programme superbly. The participants are abuzz with the fascinating topics that they have explored in class, from the difference between civil and common law to discussions about the Japanese economy.

Lunchtime brought college tours of two of the oldest colleges in Cambridge: Peterhouse and Gonville & Caius. The Immerse students had the opportunity to listen to current students of each college about the impact that their college has had on their university experience. The tours did not anchor them down for the entire lunch period; they were then able to explore the city’s many delicious lunch options. Forks, knives and spoons worked busily away to devour the food before returning to their stimulating afternoon classes.

Time to Hunt

The afternoon involved a little bit of rain and a lot of scurrying around Cambridge during our main activity of the day: the Immerse Education Scavenger Hunt. Teams dodged cyclists, pedestrians and slightly grumpy porters to take pictures with some of Cambridge’s most elusive landmarks. Bronte’s team won the challenge, finding 39/43 of the items on the list. On their win, the group said that the challenge was “exhilarating” and “deserved the win” for their “revolutionary performance.”

After a sumptuous formal in Queens’ College Old Hall, the Immerse students had the privilege of listening to an informative talk about applying to university in the UK. Everyone went to bed with a full mind, tired legs and a great deal of excitement for what tomorrow holds!