Cambridge Summer School

If you’re looking for an outstanding Cambridge summer school programme in 2020 then participate in one of our award-winning inspirational academic programmes.


Guided Punting

Experience life as a University of Cambridge student, by not only by being taught by highly-regarded tutors from leading universities, but also partaking in the some quintessential Cambridge activities.

Punting is one of them, an eccentric but quintessentially Cambridge pleasure. You not only get to explore the world-famous Cambridge College Backs from the comfort of your chauffeured punt, but you also get an additional session to try it out on your own!


Fireside Chat with Mentors

Our mentors, all current University of Cambridge undergraduates, are there to provide you with all the additional support that you need to get the most out of the programme.

From extra academic assistance to leading the way in the talent night, you can be sure that the mentors are there to not only support you but also make sure you have the most enjoyable summer.


Christ’s, Jesus, Sidney Sussex, St Catherine’s…!

Stay in the central catered Cambridge University Colleges throughout your cambridge summer school.

All accommodation are single-occupancy and you’ll be staying and studying in the same colleges as famous academics, including John Milton, David Attenborough and many more.


Guest Speakers

Each year we are delighted to welcome a diverse range of eminent speakers as part of our guest speaker series. Academics, politicians, sports personalities, industry experts, are each able to provide a fascinating insight into each of their respective careers – providing you with ample inspiration.

Showcase your talents

Talent Evening

With participants joining Immerse from all over the world, there are many hidden talents – from singing, dancing and musical-instrument playing to everything in between, get together in groups or perform as individuals for the Immerse Talent Evening. It’s guaranteed to be a fun (and occasionally funny!) programme, so start brainstorming your ideas and start rehearsing as soon as possible!

Learn new skills

Future Skills Workshop

Build upon existing study skills to support future university-level learning. These workshops explore a diverse and enriching range of topics – past examples have ranged from productivity tips to 21st century technology skills, we’re sure that you’ll learn something completely new.