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Unlock your potential as a Screenwriter and Director by joining one of our award-winning creative writing and film summer programmes. Our course is taught by expert tutors specialising in Creative Writing and Film.
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Creative Writing and Film Summer School
15-18 years old

Creative Writing & Film

Career Insights • 15-18 years old
Career Insights
15-18 years
An in-depth insight into both the theory and practice of Creative Writing and Film. The topics explored reflect the scope of the field of Creative Writing & Film and the areas available for future specialism as well as providing insight into life as a Film student.
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The Immerse Creative Writing programme has been great. Lesson times are a perfect 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, with lots of time to go and experience the town and have activities in the evenings.

I’ve really enjoyed being around people who have the same interests as me. Being able to share opinions and listen to feedback has been really valuable.

My tutor has been great. He’s very passionate about writing and he’s very engaging with the class. He listens to all our thoughts and our opinions on everything that we study – he’s been brilliant.

The programme has been a very good opportunity to get a grasp on what university is like – It gives us an opportunity to make new friends, which is good for your social skills, and you get an idea of what university classes might be like.

The curriculum is nothing like I’ve ever seen before, which is great. It’s nothing like what I do at school, which means I have the ability to experiment, and learn new things and along the way just improve my general skills.

Alex S
Attended Immerse in 2022
Residential Creative Writing (16 - 18)
Hear from other students

The Career Insights programme has been great. I’ve been interacting with so many different people from different cultures and different countries, and it’s been fun to learn new things about business management that I didn’t know earlier. We’ve learned about different things in business like cryptocurrency, marketing, marketing strategies and advertising. We completed our own project about brand management which has been really interesting. In our project, we created our own brand and own product along with an advertising campaign to sell it to consumers.

Throughout the programme, I’ve noticed myself developing and changing into a more confident individual who has more clarity of his future. It gives you more clarity on how to present projects in front of educators, and it gives you an edge over the rest.

Armaan S
Attended Immerse in 2022
Career Insights Business Management Participant

Creative Writing and Film Summer Schools

The Creative Writing & Film programme is aimed at students interested in expanding their creative writing skills with a focus on writing for screen-based entertainment including, scriptwriting for film, television and online film. The course will allow you to explore TV and film criticism, as well as learn how to think and write about media at an academic level. You will also embark on developing your own screenwriting ideas and learn how to build your own script in your chosen genre, all the while forming an understanding of the importance of workshopping and the editing process. You will have the opportunity to interact with published authors and screenwriting professionals forming unique insight into how the skills you develop throughout the course can be applied to the real world.

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Creative Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Creative Writing & Film?
Creative Writing and Film is the study of storytelling for the screen. Behind every film you watch, and even every youtube video you view, someone will have carefully studied the storyline of the video, and transposed it to the screen with the help of the tools and insights you will learn in this programme.

Why is it important to study creative writing and film?
It’s important to study creative writing and film because it enhances your communication skills. When you find the right words to say, your message becomes impactful.

With digital media being the most viewed globally, being able to showcase your views, ideas or products with impact through film will give you an edge over the rest.

Creative Writing and film helps you express what your brand stands for. And how your products solve problems. Even in non-profit organisations, writing for the screen comes in handy. Because you need support. And the only way to gain that is by sharing your stories and advocacies through film.

So whatever profession or business you enter, the communication skills you develop with Creative Writing and film are valuable assets.

Immerse Education offers both online and residential summer courses for Creative Writing. The residential courses are available in the UK in Cambridge and Oxford. Also, outside of the UK in Sydney.

The Careers Insights summer programme is the only programme where creative writing and film are combined, giving you insight into the industry and “behind the scenes” understanding of the business of film.

You don’t need prior skills, experience, or learning to take Creative Writing and film but having an active interest in the subject is helpful. Your expert creative writing and film tutor will send you work before your summer school start. This will mean that you and your peers all have knowledge parity when starting your program.

The Creative Writing and Film Career Insight course is best for motivated 16-18 yr. old students. Suppose you’re aiming to take English or film-related courses at the University. In that case, this course will give you an edge over your competition.

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Frequently asked questions