An exciting EFL summer school, combined with an innovative focus on leadership skills.

Prepare for your future on the Immerse™ EFL for Future Leaders programme. Learn alongside peers from around the world, develop your English language skills in small class sizes, and immerse yourself in life at the prestigious Royal Hospital Boarding School, close to London.

Welcoming ambitious and motivated students from around the world.

11-15 years June / July 2020 Expert, qualified tutors and guest speakers 2 Weeks Small class sizes Residential at the Royal Hospital Boarding School

EFL for Future Leaders Summer School in Cambridge

The Immerse Education EFL for Future Leaders summer school for 11-15 year olds is a two-week programme that has been carefully curated to foster an optimal learning environment in which you will not only further their language ability but also develop leadership skills.

Combining classroom learning with a series of interactive workshops, you will explore areas such as debating, diplomacy, leading a team and networking as you develop the linguistic tools and structures to express your opinions and ideas.

You will experience a traditional British boarding school student lifestyle as a resident at the historic Royal Hospital School, situated in 200 acres of idyllic English countryside.


An exceptional english language learning programme.

Over the course of the programme, you will engage in over 40 hours of classroom and workshop-based lessons in small groups of no more than 12 participants.

These have been carefully crafted to optimise language learning potential across four key skills; reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Classroom-based learning focuses on reading and writing as participants explore new vocabulary and techniques for expressing themselves in a variety of contexts.

With Immerse I could practice my English with native speakers and for me this is really important, and good experience...It was the best two weeks of my life.
- Lyubava, 2019 Participant


Develop you confidence with support from experienced teachers

All our teachers are highly experienced in delivering dynamic and engaging lessons to students of all abilities.

Classes are tailored to the language ability of the individual to ensure that each lesson is challenging, engaging and that all participants receive the support they need.

With consistent support and encouragement, you will develop the confidence to communicate clearly and confidently in English.

The tutors and staff were exceptionally friendly, making me feel welcome and making settling in really easy. The lessons were extremely fun and engaging, and I have learnt loads which I can now use to help me as I continue onwards.
- Thomas, 2018 Participant


Engaging leadership workshops

Workshop-based learning builds upon the grammar structures and vocabulary encountered in the morning academic session and highlights the practical applications of what you have learned.

Through a series of interactive tasks you will be encouraged to communicate verbally and non-verbally to deliver a project brief.

Tasks are designed to develop your speaking skills within the context of leadership and therefore build upon interpersonal communication as well as language skills.

Immerse helped me a lot. I made many new friends and met people from all over the world. The most valuable thing for me was that I improved my communication skills.
- Jeremy, 2019 Participant


Explore the practical applications of your skills

Through our carefully considered balance of classroom-based learning, and workshops, you will have the opportunity to see the practical applications of your language skills.

Alongside this, you will develop your potential as a leader of the future and discover how the skills you are building can support your ambitions.

Immerse has helped me develop my confidence and gave me the opportunity to meet lots of friendly, likeminded people. I can now see the value of English as a communication tool and actively want to continue learning as a result of the programme.
- James, 2018 Participant
Cambridge is such a beautiful and historic city, and it was amazing to be able to learn all about the different colleges whilst seeing them from a unique angle.
- Rebecca, 2019 Participant

Discover some of the UK's top destinations

Alongside a busy programme of learning, you will have the opportunity to explore UK culture through a series of excursions.

Together with your new friends from all over the world, you will take in the top attractions of London, Cambridge and Ipswich. Each city has its own culture and history, giving you broad insight into life in the UK.

The sport activities were the most enjoyable for me, because they were interesting and funny and I really enjoyed talks with my new friends because I learned a lot of things for other countries, people and their habits.
- Andre, 2018 Participant

Make the most of your summer with a variety of sports

The Royal Hospital School boasts excellent sporting facilities with tennis courts, a sports hall for basketball, a heated indoor swimming pool and football pitches available to participants onsite.

Take part in a tournament, challenge a friend to a game or learn the rules of some classic summer British sports. While having fun and making friends, you will also be practicing your English in a relaxed and social environment.

The grounds of the school are so beautiful. I really enjoyed being able to soak up the atmosphere and there was a real sense of community. I guess this is what boarding school would be like!
- Jessica, 2019 Participant

Discover the unique culture of Britain

You will experience a traditional British boarding school student lifestyle as a resident in a boarding house and enjoying delicious meals together with your friends in the dining hall.

Alongside a traditional boarding school experience, you will also take part in a variety of British sports and activities, from punting on the River Cam, to croquet – a classic British garden game.

The thing I'll miss most about Immerse is the people. Everyone, from teachers to students are really friendly and we have so much in common. It's hard knowing I won't be able to see them every day anymore.
- James, 2018 Participant

Meet like-minded students from all over the world

Each year we welcome participants from all over the world. Within two weeks you will have formed lifelong friendships with your peers as you discover the diversity of ideas and culture that others have to offer.

Together with your friends you can enjoy a busy programme of activities designed to help you make the most of your summer.


Have fun in a safe, secure environment with staff that care.

At all times, your welfare is our highest priority. Our summer team are warm, engaging and bring enthusiasm to all aspects of the programme. They receive extensive training and are on hand to assist participants 24/7.

Accommodation is allocated in one of the two boarding houses according to gender, which is regulated after the 9pm curfew. Each house is run by a houseparent who oversees the day to day routine of participants and is there to offer guidance and support to any participants who need it.

As well as our team of staff, Royal Hospital security staff are also on hand. All staff are UK Government Enhanced DBS checked and prioritise the safety and security of all participants and staff above all.

I felt so cared for during my time at Immerse. The staff were so approachable and inspirational, and were so much fun to be around. It's definitely going to be one of the things I miss the most from Immerse.
- Justyna, 2019 Participant

Live and study at the Royal Hospital School, Suffolk

Founded in 1712, the school sits in over 200 acres of idyllic English countryside. It has a proud and celebrated naval heritage and during the British term time is home to 750 boarding students.

Participants experience a traditional British boarding school student lifestyle as residents in two boarding houses – St Vincent and Howe. Each house has its own unique character with a variety of social spaces and facilities for participants to enjoy, from table tennis tables to pianos.

Bedrooms and bathroom facilities are shared between a maximum of 4 participants and all rooms can be locked for privacy. Boys are accommodated on the first floor of St Vincent, while girls reside in neighbouring Howe House.

Each day participants further their British boarding school experience as they enjoy delicious meals together in the dining hall. Breakfast, lunch and dinner offer a fantastic range of options and all food is freshly prepared by the catering teams on site.

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Royal Hospital School
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Immerse™ EFL for Future Leaders Example Modules

Module 1


You will explore new and more complex ways of expressing their agreement or disagreement with a point of view. Having developed the linguistic ability to structure an argument, you will turn your attention to a historic British tradition: debating.
Module 2

British Customs

British customs, etiquette and decorum require a combination of verbal and non-verbal communication skills that even native speakers struggle with. You will prepare for a traditional formal meal with prizes awarded for excellent "small talk", none-verbal communication, and dining etiquette.
Module 3

Delivering Instructions

The imperative is used to provide instruction. You will first develop the range of verbs in your vocabulary before instructing your peers in small group tasks that test their communication skills, as well as their ability to lead a team, staying calm under pressure.
Module 4

Talent Evening

You will be encouraged and supported to develop an act for the Talent Evening. Ranging from musical performances, poetry recitals, to dances, the ability to overcome nerves, perform to an audience and engage with feedback from judges, calls upon a range of leadership and communication skills.
“I really enjoyed my time here! I learnt so much and met so many amazing people. Thank you for everything”
Erik, Immerse Alumni
Participated in Immerse in 2017.

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My teacher gave me the confidence I needed to advance my understanding.

Reena, Immerse Alumni

Attended Immerse in 2018.
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