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EFL Summer School
Residential programmes
Take your English speaking, reading, listening and writing skills to the next level with our stand-out programme in Oxford.
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EFL Summer School

13-15 years old
English as a Foreign Language
EFL • 13-15 years old
13-15 years
Join our EFL Oxford programme and take your beginner level of English to new standards. Gain the confidence to apply for university and prepare for University admissions exams like the IELTS and TOEFL while gaining an experience of a lifetime within the historic walls of Oxford University. Let's help you stand out as you progress on your academic journey with our exceptional summer learning experiences.
16-18 years old
English as a Foreign Language
EFL • 16-18 years old
16-18 years
With English being the lingua franca with more than 1 billion speakers across the world, we understand the need that students have to build their confidence with the language. Join our EFL programme in Oxford and take part in an award-winning educational experience that will build your English language skills for broader higher education propects.
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The course helped me extend my knowledge of English Literature in a lot of different areas which I had not had the opportunity to study before and in an interesting, friendly and interactive way. I came home with a list of different books I want to read and topics I want to follow up on.

Amy R
Attended Immerse in 2018
Residential Summer Programme (English Literature) Student

EFL Summer Schools

Oxford is world-renowned for having produced some of the leading masters of the English language including Oscar Wilde, J.R.R Tolkien and Agatha Christie. Immerse yourself in English Language learning within the halls of such greats and develop your language skills for more powerful and confident communication. Our EFL courses are available in 2 week or 4 week sessions and cover topics such as grammar, vocabulary development and everyday phrases.

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