En-suite bathroom preference admin

At Immerse Education, you’ll be staying in the actual undergraduate accommodation that Cambridge University students reside in during term time. Due to the nature of the accommodation, the majority of bedrooms do not have en-suite bathrooms, and students share a bathroom with 2-4 students of the same gender. We would like to offer you the opportunity to reserve one of a limited number of bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms at St Catharine’s College and Sidney Sussex College, which form part of our overall ‘campus’ consisting of Christ’s College, St Catharine’s College and Sidney Sussex College – all central Cambridge University colleges within a 7 minute walk of one another. If you would like to reserve one of these rooms, please complete the form below. We anticipate high demand for these rooms, and they will be allocated via a randomised lottery system by 1st June 2017.

Please complete the form below if you would like to be entered into this lottery: