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A cutting-edge and innovative course designed to prepare students for careers that don’t yet exist. Prepare for life in the future by combining theoretical and interactive studies.
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Future Insights Programme

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About the Future Insights programme

How do ambitious young people prepare for careers that don’t exist yet? How would you describe a social media manager, VR developer or big data analyst to someone 10 years ago?

The programme focuses on future-minded content that helps students develop well-rounded skills whilst looking at potential careers available to them in 2030. Students choose one of four subject areas per two-week course and combine classroom theory, practical workshops and a team-based competition at the end of the course.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Academic Highlights

Practical Learning
A key aspect of the Future Insights course is the use of practical teaching, which gives participants hands-on experience with a variety of instruments using modern technology. Students of all disciplines take part in practical workshops that can include piloting drones, building robots and virtual reality.

Develop Personal Skills
In addition to learning how to communicate and interact with like-minded individuals from around the world, participants develop skills that are essential to future success, such as public speaking, negotiation, critical thinking, motivation and project management.

Competitive Finale
The last two days of the course are dedicated to a school-wide inter-disciplinary competition. Students from different subject areas will work together in teams to compete in a mock international diplomatic situation that requires teamwork and knowledge-sharing from each of the four subjects.

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