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Geography Summer School

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The Immerse Education Geography Summer School offers students the opportunity to explore this exciting interdisciplinary subject at the university level. During the two week programme, you will uncover key theories to better understand the geography of the world and how humans interact with it, being able to apply the knowledge to real-world case studies. Expert tutors from world-leading universities teach you how to ask the important questions about geography, human impact, and talk you through the variety of career options open to a graduate in Geography. Find out more below!
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Geography Summer School
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The most inspirational thing about studying with Immerse was being taken seriously by our tutors and having interesting discussions with them, being seen as a student instead of as a high school kid. Overall, studying with Immerse was a really fun experience, in which I met a lot of new people, learned many interesting things and participated in a lot of cool activities. I would love to go back to Cambridge again, as it is a really beautiful and fun city. Furthermore, I am now probably more likely to start a conversation with new people, I have definitely become less shy.

Greetje H
Attended Immerse in 2016
Residential Summer Programme Student

Geography Summer School

Geography is a broad, multidisciplinary discipline that combines the study of places and the relationship between people and the environment. Supported by a university tutor, you will explore the most prevalent concepts in Geography and apply these to understand the relation between civilization and geography. You’ll develop critical analysis skills and engage with high-level academia.

For two weeks, you will reside in a university college exploring the field of Geography with expert tutors. Outside of your academic studies, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your surroundings through our carefully designed programme full of events and activities. As you get to know the city, you’ll also make friends with like-minded peers who have travelled from all over the world.

Do you want to know more about what it’s like to study Geography? Explore your interest in-depth in our summer programmes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our geography summer courses?

What is Geography?
You might think of flags, countries, and capital cities. But do you know that Geography is so much more than that? It is the study of the earth’s physical features and atmosphere (i.e. Physical Geography), yes. But it is also the study of human activity and our relationship with space and time (i.e. Human Geography). The scope of human geography includes land use, population distribution, and culture.

Why is it important to study Geography?
Because it helps you understand the context in which you live. And how you can navigate the space and time you’re in. Diving deep into Geography enables you to understand the differences and similarities in cultures, economies, and political systems across the globe. Making you more sensitive in your daily interactions with the places and people. Thus, you become a more responsible member of society.

Geography is such an exciting subject that 85.5% of UK Geography students agree that the course is intellectually stimulating. The positive rating is significantly above the benchmark of 81.89%.

How about in terms of salary?
The Institute for Fiscal Studies 2018 report states that female Geography graduates enjoyed 10% higher wages than the average female graduate. How about male Geography graduates? They earn 2% more than average.

The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Survey 2021/22 states that 52.5% of UK Geography graduates work full time within 15 months after graduation. 19% of those working full-time are Business, HR, and Finance professionals. The second most common profession for Geography graduates work in Retail, Catering, Waiting, and Bar, with 11.4%. The third comes in at 11.4% as Marketing, PR and Sales professionals.

Other jobs include teaching in secondary education, architectural technologists, planning officers, human resource officers, management consultants, business analysts, and construction project managers.

Immerse Education offers both online and residential courses for Geography. The residential course is located in the city of Cambridge, UK. If you’re wondering where you stay, then it’s in the prestigious colleges of Cambridge University.

You don’t need prior skills, experience, or learning to sign up for Geography. But having a genuine interest in Geography helps. Additionally, your Geography summer school tutor will provide you with work before the summer course starts. This ensures you have the knowledge needed to get the most out of your two-week stay.

For 13-15 yr. olds here are the topics you will study:

Human Geography
This class will introduce you to the wide-ranging geography sub-disciplinary fields, including economic, urban, social, cultural, political, and historical geography. Grab this opportunity to learn how these concepts evolved and interacted with each other throughout the last two centuries.

Physical Geography
In this module, you’ll dive into the concepts of the earth system processes. How is the Earth’s physical environment the basis for human activity? And how does human activity affect the environment?

Environmental Geography

Environmental Geography assesses the impact of human presence on the environment. How? By looking at the result of human activity on natural landforms and cycles. Here you’ll debate the most pressing environmental problems. And you’ll have the opportunity to present plausible solutions.


What’s Geopolitics? It studies how geographical factors affect politics, especially international relations. Go back in time and examine the rise of the British Empire and other notable historical examples. To have a greater understanding of how geopolitical location plays a significant part in the political arena even today.

For 16-18 yr. olds here are the topics:

Economic Geography

Economic Geography is a subfield of Human Geography. It takes a look at economic activity and the factors affecting it. In this session, you’ll take on a consultant role in any of the three scenarios: international organisation, government department or the private sector. How will you advise on critical decisions regarding regional development, spatial inequality, location of economic activity, innovation, agglomeration, and labour market outcomes?

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
This module will show you the effects of climate on different nations. What policies did their respective governments implement to adapt and prepare for the future?

Urban Geography

Urban Geography studies patterns and space in cities. What are the differences between urban and non-urban places? What defines city life from a geographical perspective? You’ll explore these questions and other themes of inquiry of the past sixty years.

Environmental Determinism

Environmental determinism believes that the physical factors of a location determine how human culture and society develop. This module will discuss the relationship between the global environment and humanity. Engage in a debate on what aspects of humanity determine the earth’s many natural landscapes. And share your thoughts on the long-standing debate about man’s place in nature.

Motivated students ages 13-18 are best suited for Geography courses. Do you want to take a Geography degree or other related subjects at the university? Then signing up will give you a distinct advantage compared to your competitors.

If you want to learn from talented tutors at the University of Cambridge, you’ll enjoy taking Geography courses!

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