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EU Students After Brexit – What We Know

If you’re feeling a little confused about the recent developments in the news surrounding Brexit, don’t worry: you’re certainly not alone. With the planned Brexit day of 29th March having been and gone and numerous possible outcomes still on the table for the UK’s exit from the European union – a short delay, a long…


Seven Wonders of the World: Seven Places to Study History Across the Globe

There are many ways in which you can study history across the globe as an undergraduate. One is to move abroad to study your undergraduate degree. Another, perhaps less daunting, option is to take a year abroad. Alternatively, you could study history globally in another way by studying at a university with a diverse range…


6 Defining Moments in the History of Physics

Science, as per its nature, strives for the glittering ideal of truth by always reassessing, redefining its position so that it may sidle ever closer. Physics, the study of motion and interaction, is no different. Like a diligent scribe, physics duly adapts to each mumbled correction of the story dictated to it by the universe….


Top 5 Books for Prospective Engineers

Engineering is an incredibly broad field, spanning the construction of humanity’s tallest and largest structures, and the fine control of our smallest physical and digital machines. As such, recommending a single book or author for the budding engineer – who likely has not yet decided how they might specialise – can be challenging. Here I…


The Top 5 Most Influential Mathematicians

When it comes to making a name for yourself as a famous scientist, you could do better than trying to do so in the field of Mathematics. With the exception of a couple of famous names (here’s looking at you, Pythagoras), the achievements of Mathematicians too often go unrecognised. Although breakthroughs in fields such as…