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The Art of Writing a Personal Statement

Applying to uni is such a pain, but the bit just before you apply is the most painful. The part when everyone and their mother is lecturing you on what you have to do, contradicting and meandering and, well, boring. To help you out a bit, I thought I’d add a more practical edge to…


How To Build a CV with Free Opportunities

I like to see my CV as a story. When telling a story, delivery is often crucial. There’s one line that’ll always impress if you add it to the end. This line, this powerful line elevates a great story to an eye-bulging legend: “And I didn’t spend a penny.” Cue tiny sandwiches tumbling from slack…


Top Tips on How to Prepare For Exams

This article was updated in 2019 to ensure the information included remains current. Exams can be terrifying. It can feel as if in a mere matter of minutes, you could make or break your whole term, year, or academic future. However, we should try to manage the stress and pressure associated with exams. After all,…


EU Students After Brexit – What We Know

If you’re feeling a little confused about the recent developments in the news surrounding Brexit, don’t worry: you’re certainly not alone. With the planned Brexit day of 29th March having been and gone and numerous possible outcomes still on the table for the UK’s exit from the European union – a short delay, a long…


Seven Wonders of the World: Seven Places to Study History Across the Globe

There are many ways in which you can study history across the globe as an undergraduate. One is to move abroad to study your undergraduate degree. Another, perhaps less daunting, option is to take a year abroad. Alternatively, you could study history globally in another way by studying at a university with a diverse range…