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Engineering Online Insights Online Summer School for Ages 13-18

Gain Industry Insights in an Online Work Experience Course in Law

Immerse Education’s Law Online Career Insights Programme is thoughtfully constructed to offer you an in-depth understanding of legal systems, case laws, and ethical considerations, all accessible online. Through captivating virtual seminars, lectures and debates, you’ll develop the critical reasoning and analytical abilities essential for success in law.

Guided by industry experts with a wealth of practical experience, this digital programme encourages dynamic discussions, group assignments, and presentations that cultivate a nuanced appreciation of legal complexities. Personalised guidance and feedback are provided to each student, maximising your learning potential throughout the online journey.



I was a bit worried as I do not know much about law and what area I wanted to do, but when I started to explore my ideas with my tutor, she helped me to finally find out the specific law I would like to do in the future; family law.

Arianna Z
Attended Immerse in 2020
Oxbridge Online Research Programme (Law) Student

Online Industry Learning Platform

Student online

Virtual Experience

All sessions are delivered on Zoom’s education platform – the world’s leading virtual classroom software.

Before the course begins, all students will receive a welcome pack that includes information about their tutors, mentors, guest speakers, as well as their programme overview.

Students will also receive an interactive timetable with links to each of their classes.


Sample Law Lessons

To see how the Online Career Insights programme is structured, please view the timetable.
  • Module 1 - Electrical Engineering

    You will apply the principles of electromagnetism to understand a range of electrical components such as digital circuits and sensors. You will then enrich your understanding by exploring digital circuits at the base of modern laptops and smartphones, addressing their limitations.
  • Module 2 - Control And Automation Engineering

    You will explore signals and systems before learning about proportional-integral-derivative control systems. Focus will then move to the ethics of AI with a "moral machine" simulation preceding a debate to test your research and oratory skills.
  • Module 3 - Mechanical Engineering

    Following a review of the key principles of kinematics and the Newtonian laws of motion, you will explore rigid body dynamics for 2D and 3D objects before exploring the engineering design of earthquake-resistant buildings and pitching your own ideas based on an in-class scenario.
  • Module 4 - Engineering Project

    Participants will be presented with a known problem and asked to create a solution based on the engineering principles that they have encountered. They will then present their idea to their peers before facing questions.
Want to learn more?
Download Syllabus Overview
Want to learn more?
Download Syllabus Overview
8-25 hours (depending on course option) of total teaching and coaching time
Subject tuition delivered by industry experts
Designated personal career mentor
Personalised evaluation
Development of industry-level skills and project
Blended live online groups and 1:1 sessions with tailored online course modules
Alignment with essential skills for each career area
Certificate of attendance


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