Gain advanced pre-university insights into Management in Cambridge University colleges

Prepare for your future on the Immerse™ Management programme. Learn alongside peers from around the world, thrive through one-on-one tutorials from expert university tutors, and immerse yourself in university life in Cambridge.

Welcoming ambitious and motivated students from around the world.

13-15 years July 2020 / August 2020 Expert, qualified university tutors 2 Weeks One-to-one tuition Residential in Cambridge University colleges

Management Summer School in Cambridge

Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur or business leader? The Immerse Education Management summer programme will introduce you to key management theories and case studies, learning about the principles and practices required to be successful in both building a business and managing a team. Through classes based on the Harvard Business School Case Study model of teaching, you will explore different industries, brainstorm ideas and opportunities, and reflect on the successes of real-life businesses and entrepreneurs.


Learn directly from expert academics from world class universities

You will explore novel concepts and share ideas in small groups of like minded and ambitious peers from around the world. In small class sizes averaging 7 students, you will be guided by expert tutors who have honed their expertise through teaching undergraduate students at world-class universities, including the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard.

Our rigorous vetting process ensures that all participants are taught by educators who are engaging and supportive – and most of all, enthusiastic to share their expertise to ensure our summer school teaching is of the highest quality. Immerse™ is an unrivalled academic experience.

It was such an incredible experience to be able to learn directly from a Cambridge University tutor. He knew so much about his subject, but was able to teach me advanced topics in a way that was really easy to understand.
- Jessica, 2019 Participant


Challenge yourself in one-to-one tutorials with expert academics.

In addition to small class sizes, you will benefit from one-to-one tutorials with your expert university tutor on a weekly basis.

The tutorial system is a highly regarded method of university teaching used at universities such as Cambridge University and Oxford University. This teaching technique is supportive, academically challenging and rigorous. During a tutorial, you will learn to orally communicate, defend, analyse, and critique ideas in conversations with the tutor.

Immerse is an academic programme, unlike a summer ‘camp’. Immerse’s programmes are known for their academic rigour. You’ll develop the advanced study skills that you need to get ahead.

The individualised attention was something that I was incredibly pleased with. It really helped me to delve into my area of interest, and to learn far more about the subject than I could have on my own. It's built up my confidence, and I'm now sure that I want to advance my interest to university level.
- Thomas, 2018 Participant


Receive a certified and personalised Participant Evaluation

A tangible and highly valued takeaway from the Immerse academic programmes is the written participant feedback that our expert tutors write for each of their students. Through careful observation and support throughout the programme, your tutor will identify your key strengths, and be able to write recommendations as to how you can further your interest outside of Immerse.

This is an incredibly useful insight into your performance during the programme and provides recommendations as to how you can develop your understanding of your chosen subject beyond the summer school.

The Participant Evaluation I received was so helpful. It was great to know that my tutor had taken into account my interests throughout Immerse, and was able to recommend me fascinating books and interesting articles to expand my knowledge.
- Jeremy, 2019 Participant


Boost your confidence and develop your skills in workshops and practicals

Our workshops are geared towards unlocking participants’ potential, giving them the tools to prepare for the next steps of their education, and future goals. Build upon existing study skills to support future university-level learning.

These workshops explore a diverse and enriching range of topics – past examples have ranged from ‘Productivity tips’ to ’21st Century Technology Skills’, we’re sure that you’ll learn something completely new. Unlike traditional schools, Immerse will give you the opportunity to learn beyond the traditional curriculum.

The workshop on productivity skills was one of the most fascinating talks that I went to in Cambridge. I hadn't anticipated that I'd take away some skills that I still put into practice today.
- James, 2018 Participant
My favourite activity was punting. Cambridge is such a beautiful and historic city, and it was amazing to be able to learn all about the different colleges whilst seeing them from a unique angle.
- Rebecca, 2019 Participant

Experience punting down the River Cam on a summer’s day

Punting is a truly timeless, slightly eccentric, quintessentially Cambridge, idyllic pleasure. Participants will spend the afternoon drifting down the River Cam, passing along the world famous Cambridge College Backs from the comfort of a traditional Cambridge Punt. King’s College Chapel, The Wren Library at Trinity College, and the Bridge of Sighs, are just some of the famous Cambridge landmarks you can expect to see during this chauffeured punt tour.

The range of guest speakers meant that I was able to explore outside of my chosen programme. I also heard inspirational talks from world travellers and ex-Olympians that were all nothing short of motivational.
- Andre, 2018 Participant

Be inspired by eminent guest speakers

Each year we are delighted to welcome a diverse range of eminent speakers as part of our guest speaker series. Academics, politicians, sports personalities, industry experts, are each able to provide a fascinating insight into each of their respective careers – providing you with ample inspiration to satisfy the most ambitious of students.

The weekends were so much fun. One of the highlights was exploring Oxford University and seeing the similarities and differences to Cambridge.
- Jessica, 2019 Participant

Explore Oxford, Cambridge’s ‘rival’, and London

Experience the other side! A day trip to Cambridge’s ‘rival’ university will take you across some of Oxford’s most well known colleges and landmarks such as the famous circular Radcliffe Camera Library, and Bodleian Library (one of the oldest libraries in Europe). You’ll have free time to explore the university city in small groups.

I'll admit that I was sceptical before I tried it, but honestly, I've never laughed so much! It was such a great experience where you could chill out and also be active at the same time.
- James, 2018 Participant

Have fun zorbing around Jesus Green!

An afternoon guaranteed to be full of laughs! Participants pass a light-hearted afternoon full of laughter by playing Zorb football!

During your time at Immerse, you’ll experience lots of varies sporting, cultural, and academic activities.


Gain unique insights and become friends with university students

You’ll be part of a mentor family with other students from the United Kingdom and from around the world.

We place a huge emphasis on creating a supportive and approachable environment at Immerse Education. Our mentors are a team of friendly, specially trained graduates and undergraduates from Cambridge University or Oxford University, who help our participants quickly settle into the programme. Often, mentors are also alumni of the Immerse programmes, so are able to relate their experience back to each of the participants.

Mentors offer support and friendship to all participants. They truly understand the challenges and pressures that participants face and are happy to share their own advice and experience. It’s an unrivalled support system that we’re incredibly proud of.

I felt so cared for during my time at Immerse. My mentor was so approachable and inspirational, and she gave me so many insights into university life. It's definitely going to be one of the things I miss the most from Immerse.
- Justyna, 2019 Participant

Live and study in colleges of Cambridge University

Cambridge University is internationally renowned for its academic excellence, its beautiful college architecture and its prestigious and rich history. Whilst staying in the inspirational surroundings of the University of Cambridge, participants learn university-level topics whilst experiencing student life.

You will live and study in your own individual bedroom. The Cambridge University colleges Immerse takes place in are: St. Catharine’s, Christ’s, Queens’, Sidney Sussex, Jesus, Gonville and Caius, Magdalene. View a selection of the colleges below:

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Sidney Sussex College
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St Catharine’s College
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Queens’ College
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Gonville & Caius College
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Immerse™ Management Example Modules

Module 1

Introduction To Management

You will explore the components, processes and objectives of management practice. Examine how policies, practices and systems influence employee behaviour, attitudes and performance, and the subsequent managerial tools that can be deployed. You will also be introduced to case studies as a method for testing management theory in practice.
Module 2

Strategic Marketing

You'll have the opportunity to explore the role of market intelligence, proposition development and brand strategy in an effort to meet and influence the needs of the market. You will also consider topics such as: The Marketing Mix, Market Intelligence and How to Develop a Brand.
Module 3

Competitive Advantage And Innovation

How do companies differentiate themselves and create value in competitive industries? You will explore how companies utilise innovation in order to remain competitive and consider both success and failure case studies. You will have the opportunity to research and brainstorm innovative ideas alongside your peers!
Module 4

Develop Your Own Case Study

Throughout the programme, you will have the chance to research your own case study - choosing a particular industry, company or business leader that interests you. During a one day mini-conference, you will be able to share your findings with your class, and also learn from your fellow classmates.
“I really enjoyed my time here! I learnt so much and met so many amazing people. Thank you for everything”
Erik, Immerse Alumni
Participated in Immerse in 2017. Since Erik's time on the Computer Science programme, he has built a number of successful businesses.

Cambridge Summer School Prospectus

If you are interested in finding out more about what it’s like to study on the Management summer course in Cambridge, download our prospectus and Management Syllabus Overview.

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Complete the form to receive a copy of the Syllabus Overview, which includes detailed example topics that you will learn during your time in Cambridge. Each topic is carefully selected by our expert tutors to provide a challenging and stimulating academic programme.

My tutor gave me the confidence I needed to advance my understanding of my subject.

Reena, Immerse Alumni

Attended Immerse in 2018. Current undergraduate of Imperial College London.
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  • Will you be aged between 13-15 in summer 2020?
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