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Engineering Online Insights Online Summer School for Ages 13-18
Engineering Online Programmes

Gain Industry Insights in an Online Work Experience Course in Engineering

Embark on a transformative online experience with Immerse Education’s Online Engineering Career Insights Programme. Designed to offer a thorough understanding of engineering principles, innovation, and problem-solving techniques, the curriculum is delivered entirely online. Through engaging online seminars, interactive virtual workshops, and thought-provoking discussions, you’ll hone your analytical and problem-solving skills, crucial for a successful engineering career.

Facilitated by industry experts with backgrounds in diverse engineering specialisms, the programme promotes lively group discussions, hands-on virtual projects, and presentations to deepen your understanding of engineering challenges. Personalised guidance and feedback ensure you maximize your learning throughout the online programme.

Our online Engineering Career Insights Programme offers students a comprehensive overview of engineering principles and methodologies crucial for excelling in the modern engineering sector.


My subject area was chemistry and chemical engineering. I was concerned about the course being virtual as I found it difficult to learn from my online lessons prior to the course and that meant there was no face to face learning. However, once I had started the course, as the lectures for my subject were one on one, it meant that it was really personalised and that there was a lot of attention on my understanding.

Efa W
Attended Immerse in 2020
Oxbridge Online Research Programme (Engineering) Student

Online Industry Learning Platform

Student online

Virtual Experience

All sessions are delivered on Zoom’s education platform – the world’s leading virtual classroom software.

Before the course begins, all students will receive a welcome pack that includes information about their tutors, mentors, guest speakers, as well as their programme overview.

Students will also receive an interactive timetable with links to each of their classes.


Sample Engineering Online Career Insights Lessons

To see how the Online Insights programme is structured, please view the timetable.
  • Module 1 - Technical Skills

    Technical Skills
    The programme provides students with an introduction to various technical skills relevant to engineering, such as computer-aided design (CAD), programming, data analysis, or specific software applications used in engineering disciplines. Hands-on exercises and activities allow students to practice and apply these technical skills, building their proficiency and understanding of their practical application in engineering projects.
  • Module 2 - Problem Solving

    Problem Solving
    Engineering is fundamentally about solving complex problems. The programme emphasises the development of problem-solving skills, providing students with the necessary tools and methodologies to approach and tackle engineering problems effectively. Students analyse problems, break them down into manageable components, identify potential solutions, and evaluate their feasibility and impact. Through case studies and practical activities, students have the opportunity to apply these problem-solving skills to real-world engineering scenarios.
  • Module 3 - Project Management

    Project Management
    Effective project management is crucial in engineering to ensure the successful execution of projects within time, budget, and scope. The programme covers project planning and management methodologies specific to engineering. Students learn about project lifecycle, scheduling, resource allocation, risk assessment, and communication techniques. The activities and project within the programme provide hands-on experience in developing and executing engineering projects, allowing students to apply project management principles and develop their skills in planning, organizing, and coordinating projects.
  • Module 4 - Engineering Project

    Engineering Project
    Participants will be presented with a known problem and asked to create a solution based on the engineering principles that they have encountered. They will then present their idea before facing questions.
Want to learn more?
Download Syllabus Overview
Want to learn more?
Download Syllabus Overview
8-25 hours (depending on course option) of total teaching and coaching time
Subject tuition delivered by industry experts
Designated personal career mentor
Personalised evaluation
Development of industry-level skills and project
Blended live online groups and 1:1 sessions with tailored online course modules
Alignment with essential skills for each career area
Certificate of attendance


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