Our Teaching Philosophy [1]


All of our teachers are experts in their field with an incredible breadth of knowledge but more importantly, they are experienced educators. This means they don’t simply share their knowledge but rather guide participants to learn independently, taking an active role in the education process.

At Immerse Education, we pride ourselves on designing our programmes with small class sizes, where each of our tutors carefully supports and encourages the intellectual growth of each of our participants.

What Learning Means to Us

At Immerse Education, we want our participants to leave us having made tangible accomplishments. To achieve this, each of our summer programmes has clearly defined goals but that doesn’t mean we simply focus on academic achievement; we also want our participants to come away with a variety of soft skills, practical abilities, and most importantly, a passion for their subject.

Learning Outcomes

We realise that, while students should benefit from expert knowledge, they should also come away with the tools to learn by themselves. As many of our participants will soon be moving into higher education, it’s important that they have the skills necessary to take ownership of their education so by the end of the programme, our participants will become active learners, outstanding critical thinkers with the study skills needed to succeed at university.

Assessing Learning

Assessment is an essential part of our programmes but we don’t simply administer tests. Instead, our tutors monitor their participants throughout the course using a variety of formative assessment methods which are then used to deliver constructive feedback that allows participants to identify their strengths and focus on areas that require improvement

Continuing Professional Development

Education is constantly evolving, so to deliver the best possible experience, we stay up to date with all the latest developments, adapting our programmes where needed and training our teachers regularly to give them the skills and confidence to deliver the best possible programmes.

Our Teaching Methods

Every programme focuses heavily on student-centred learning where the tutor acts as facilitator rather than lecturer, guiding the participants to the right answer. In this way we ensure understanding as well as knowledge.

Immerse Education is an Award-Winning Provider of Academic Programmes.

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