1:1 Pre-University Research Project

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An opportunity to learn from expert academics from Oxford and Cambridge University. Combine 1:1 tutorials with the development of your own university-style academic research project.
An invaluable experience of academic discovery
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1:1 Pre-University Research Project

13-18 years old

1:1 Pre-University Research Project
What our alumni say

The subject area of my programme is Politics and International Relations. My tutor was really helpful, understanding and constructive in the feedback he gave. It was a great opportunity to learn from someone who had done a previous study on the project topic I was working on. In addition to the lectures and guidance on how to properly plan and structure my writing, the biggest help I received was the support and confidence I gained from his experience.

I originally had difficulties portraying my own thoughts onto paper and had always relied on references for support, hence undermining the analytical aspect of my writing. He was really helpful in providing me with constructive feedback and encouraging me to better portray my ideas, reassuring me to be bolder in my writing and to be confident.

Winnie C
Attended Immerse in 2020
Oxbridge Online Research Programme (International Relations) Student
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computer science
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What is the Oxbridge Online Research Programme?

Handling the transition from high school to university has become increasingly challenging for high performing students from around the world. Top universities are looking for evidence that sets students apart amongst a sea of qualified applicants. In addition, motivated students actively want to learn the skills that would enable them to succeed in a university environment, as well as study a subject in a way that is not possible within the limits of exam-focused school curricula.

The Oxbridge Online Research programme provides undergraduate-level research opportunities to motivated and high achieving students.



Participants will work one-on-one with university tutors from Cambridge University and Oxford University. These specialists are teachers who have experience teaching actual undergraduates, and deep subject expertise.

Each student will undertake advanced research in a topic of their interest, culminating in a full-length academic research paper. The programme is conducted online and the research paper is assessed by two separate tutors.

The development of the research project will be guided by a student’s personal tutor. The whole programme is facilitated online over the course of 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks. Participants can choose the intensity of their course.

Oxbridge Online Research Programme - 1:1 Tutoring

Academic Higlights

Learn Independent Research Skills
Students will be introduced to key undergraduate-level research skills, including learning how to use online journals and how to reference authors correctly. Furthermore, each student will learn how to evaluate different sources of information and gain the skills needed to critically evaluate conflicting sources.

Experience World-Class University Teaching
The course combines 1:1 lessons with independent study and research, similar to the teaching methodology Oxford and Cambridge University undergraduates receive. This provides an unparalleled experience of learning at the world’s top universities.

Computer Science Programme

One-To-One Learning With Expert Tutors
Each student will benefit from one-on-one learning with expert tutors in a secure online environment. In addition to video conferencing calls, students will be able to communicate with their tutor directly on a regular basis and receive answers to their questions in just a few hours.

Receive Personalised Feedback
Through careful observation and support throughout the programme, the tutor will identify key strengths and write recommendations as to how the student can further their interest and develop their skills and knowledge. Throughout the programme, students will receive encouraging, personalised feedback.

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