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Software Development & AI Summer School

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Immerse Education presents the Software Development and AI Summer School Programme—a two-week journey into coding and artificial intelligence. High school students can use their summer to craft software applications with the potential to reshape industries and learn how AI adds cognitive power to data. This fusion of skills empowers you to shape the future of software and AI-driven innovation.
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Software Development & AI Summer School
San Francisco
15-18 years old

Software Development and AI

Career Insights - San Francisco • 15-18 years old
Career Insights - San Francisco
San Francisco
15-18 years
For 15-18 year olds interested in studying Software Development & AI, our summer programme offers the perfect opportunity to explore your subject in depth ahead of committing to more advanced study.
Hear from other students

I’ve enjoyed meeting new people with Immerse, people who have different passions than I do and are studying different courses – I have learned a lot from them.
Lady Margaret Hall, the college I’m staying in, is such a beautiful college. It’s got so many different areas we can study and play and have fun. I’ve also been learning so much about computer science, which is something I really enjoy.

I’m finding the course content extremely useful. I’ve learned so much in these two weeks and we’ve covered so many new topics that I hadn’t heard of. The relationship with my teacher has been fabulous – I can communicate with him very easily, and the teaching style is what I had expected, with university-style teaching methods.

I think this program has really helped me to to change my ideas about what I could expect from university, and it’s really helped me to make sure I enjoyed what I want to study in the future.

Gonzalo R
Attended Immerse in 2022
Residential Computer Science (16 - 18)

Software Development & AI Summer School For High School Students

Craft the future with Immerse Education’s Software Development and AI programme. Immerse yourself in the world of coding, software architecture, and artificial intelligence. Through hands-on labs, coding challenges, and insightful conversations, cultivate problem-solving skills and tech expertise.

Guided by experienced developers and esteemed tech professionals, the programme stimulates collaborative software projects, architectural explorations, and interactive discussions that deepen your comprehension of coding principles and innovations. Personalised mentorship and constructive critique empower you to unlock your potential as a future STEM student and excel in the dynamic realm of software development and AI.

Software Development & AI shape digital intelligence, driving the future of technology. As interrelated disciplines, they are creating and using the algorithms and systems that power innovation, ensuring the functionality and intelligence of the digital realm. Middle and high school students will dive into code and cognitive technology with Immerse Education’s Software Development and AI Summer School Programme, a two-week masterclass into the technologies that are reshaping industries.

Additionally, our software development & AI summer schools offer more than just tech knowledge; they prioritise skill refinement. If your goal is to thrive in the world of software development and artificial intelligence, enrolling in an Immerse program in this field is an excellent starting point for honing your technical skills.


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Software Development & AI Summer

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Software Development & AI Course?
Immerse™ Software Development and Artificial Intelligence programmes delve into coding, app creation, and AI systems. From crafting software to harnessing AI’s potential, gain the skills to redefine the digital landscape.

Why choose Software Development and AI?
Software powers the modern world, while AI revolutionises it. From smart assistants to cybersecurity, these fields drive innovation. Software Development education and and AI awareness equip you to shape the digital future and optimises your portfolio to apply for positions at the cutting edge firms that are shaping innovation and tomorrow’s possibilities. For those looking to pursue software development certifications and internships, this course is a valuable form of preparation.

Professionals in Software Development and AI chart diverse career paths. They thrive in software firms, tech startups, research institutions, and more. Graduates can pursue roles in app development, system design, machine learning, and AI integration.

The domain of Software Development and AI opens avenues to reshape digital landscapes and redefine automation; even as a software development intern, you’ll have opportunities to contribute to the dynamic interface of human intellect and machine capabilities.

Immerse Education offers residential career-focused Software Development & AI course in San Francisco.

Immerse’s programmes are accessible to all, irrespective of prior software development expertise. Nevertheless, curiosity about AI’s transformative potential and coding and an eagerness to tackle complex challenges will significantly enrich the journey.

Though your tutor shapes the precise curriculum and it might differ, we ensure a diverse array of subjects inspired by university course structures and early-career roles in interrelated sectors.

The syllabus overview will furnish a detailed insight into the topics charted for your course. The programme’s objective is to cultivate a well-rounded comprehension of the foundational knowledge necessary for advanced study in software development and/or artificial intelligence, with a secondary focus on exploring interdisciplinary subjects between the two.


The Software Development and AI course is designed for those fascinated by coding intricacies, curious about AI’s transformative potential, and eager to navigate the digital frontier.

If you have a passion for crafting software solutions and delving into AI applications, or a desire to develop in these areas, this program provides an opportunity to excel in the realm of software development and AI.

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