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Space & Nanotechnology
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Discover the world of space and nanotechnology in this exciting programme, right in the heart of Cambridge. With modules exploring the fundamental concepts in nanoscience and nanotechnology, emerging space technologies and the history of artificial intelligence, this course offers an in-depth introduction taught by expert world-leading tutors.
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Space & Nanotechnology Summer School

16-18 years old
Space & Nanotechnology
Academic Insights • 16-18 years old
Academic Insights
16-18 years
A nanomaterial can be defined as any material possessing, at minimum, one external dimension measuring 1-100nm. Nanomaterials are all around us. In this programme, you will discover the world of nanomaterials and nanoscience, and develop an understanding of how scientists and engineers are using nanomaterials to develop space technology.
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The Immerse Education programme is a useful experience for both learning and personal career. I learned a lot, met new people, understood new concepts and most importantly I enjoyed it a hundred percent. You get an overview of many topics and realize the world behind what you don’t know about. In my opinion, this was the best choice I could ever make at this age.

Anna K
Attended Immerse in 2019
Current undergraduate of the Imperial College London

About the Immerse Space & Nanotechnology Summer School

This programme is designed to foster analytical thinking and give students the tools to continue in education with an insight into the range of subjects in this field. Throughout the course, participants will explore the connection between nanotechnology and space with a look at the emerging technologies and innovation driving forward change. This course is suitable for students with a keen interest in science, engineering and technology. The programme offers an exceptional insight into these revolutionary fields of research and exploration. 

This programme has been developed with Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad, PhD, a Senior Research Associate and Senior Teaching Fellow at The University of Cambridge. 


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