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10003 Immerse Education Scholarships: Alicia’s Experience

It is difficult to put the emotions I felt into words, the amazing experiences I had and the wonderful people I crossed paths with during the unforgettable two weeks of summer I spent at Immerse Education.

High Hopes and Lots of Challenges

Due to it being a summer course at Cambridge, undoubtedly I had high expectations for the summer course and glad to say, they were all exceeded. From the challenging yet rewarding lectures I attended for four hours every weekday, to meeting amazing and friendly
people in the course – not to mention the mentors were all very welcoming. I had the pleasure of making new friends from different parts of the world, and everyone was just ready to share, connect and be friends with each other. I learned to have a level of understanding about each other due to being in a diverse cultural environment and it expanded my views of the world in remarkable ways.

There are many subjects offered at Immerse Education and I chose to study Economics. The lectures given by Mr Soheil Mahmoodzadeh were very interesting and sparked my interests in learning more about economics. I loved my class environment which was at the Erasmus building as I had relaxing morning walks to lesson every day. Countless unforgettable experiences I had; going on a scavenger hunt around Cambridge, punting in the River Cam, kayaking with friends, watching a delightful Shakespeare play in Christ College, having formal dinners at St. John’s, Oxford and Queens’ College, strolling around the magnificent London streets and watching the breathtaking view from the London Eye and dancing the night away in the extraordinary farewell party!

Three months have passed and I still find myself daydreaming back to those wonderful days.  Being awarded this scholarship to be part of Immerse Education was a huge honour to me as it helped me to know more about the course I will be pursuing in university. Not to mention, the experiences that could only be experienced if and only if, you join Immerse Education. I could not be more grateful for this incredible opportunity given to me to have the most amazing summer experience and I deeply recommend for you to apply for the scholarship. I promise you will have no regrets.

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After researching Immerse Education, I knew I had to attend Immerse Education. After graduating from IB, I wanted to continue my education by studying Mechanical Engineering in DTU. But the problem was that the university required a higher level of mathematics and my school did not offer that level of math, therefore, I had to look for a supplementary course. I first looked at supplementary courses here in Denmark, but I couldn’t find a suitable one for me as they all required me to know Danish, which I didn’t. So, I had to look for supplementary courses outside of Denmark and at the end of my research, I found Immerse Education. I quickly contacted the university to see if they would accept the programme at Immerse Education as a supplementary course and they replied with a “yes”. So, I went to my school and asked if they could help with my scholarship application. Thankfully they did accept my offer and helped with my application…finally I was enrolled in the programme.

An Unforgettable Experience

The two weeks that I spent at Cambridge was very fun and memorable, but out of all the things that we did, and apart from the unforgettable lessons we had, I must say that the best experience for me was to meet new people from all over the world. At first, I was expecting myself to not be engaged with many people, but as I spent time with them, we became close friends that at the end of the programme, it was like saying goodbye to a friend that I had known for years.

I can easily say the entire course of Mathematics that we had for two weeks was the most important thing I learned. Every single topic was interesting, challenging and also satisfying once you get to understand it. And with the help from our incredible teacher which I will never forget, made entire course was very engaging and memorable.

Before being enrolled in this programme, I was very stressed out and anxious as to what I was supposed to do. The problems I had with finding a suitable programme and finding a scholarship had me hunched and I didn’t know what to do. But thankfully, after numerous meetings and phone calls with my school and the university, I finally got what I wanted and the weight over my shoulders was gone. To this day and forward, I am, and still will be grateful for Immerse Education for offering me this scholarship and for arranging a programme so unforgettable.

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