Blog: Terribly Terrific Town Tour to Trinity! blogger


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Written by Lauren Taylor, Immerse Education mentor and 3rd year geographer at Emmanuel College

After a hectic day of arrivals on Sunday, the program got into full swing this morning. Following a hearty breakfast, the students for rearing to go for their tutorials.

After the mblog2centors directed the participants to their favourite lunch spots in the city, the group was taken on a guided town tour of Cambridge. Visiting Emmanuel and Pembroke College, the students were showered with interesting anecdotes, from the nightclimber’s senate house antics, to Apple’s Alan Turing inspired logo. Even the mentors found learnt more about the city on the tour than they have during their time spent here!

Some reviews of the town tour:

“Absolutely raucous. INCREDIBLE” – Tom George

“*****” – Monty Fynn

“A pleasure to guide” – David (tour guide)

The day ended in a competitive quiz night, which saw the students exhibit their knowledge on topics ranging fromblog2e the periodic table to popular culture. The quiz also featured a round in which the participants had to guess the mentors that were pictured as babies, which proved to be harder than expected!

The evening ended with some impromptu dancing (see Instagram and Twitter for vid
eo evidence!). Everyone was in high spirits and looking forward to the weeks ahead as they “shook off” any worries whilst dancing along to Taylor Swift!