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ivy league 1:1 research programme
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The Theory of Knowledge Online Research Programme offers 1:1 tutoring and bespoke guidance with a highly-skilled Ivy League academic, culminating in a full-length academic research paper befitting the Theory of Knowledge format.
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Develop Research Skills And Get Personalised Feedback in Our Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Course

The Theory of Knowledge (Tok) Online Research Programme offers 1:1 tutoring and bespoke guidance with a highly-skilled Ivy League academic, culminating in a full-length academic IB TOK essay that is fully aligned with the IB curriculum.

This personalised programme will equip you with the skills to undertake your Theory of Knowledge with confidence, harnessing the expertise from accomplished Ivy League academics boasting extensive experience of the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

It is the only comprehensive programme that not only supports you with your IB deliverable but also focuses on nurturing, related essential skills for your future. You will exclusively be supported by a tutor and mentor

Through careful guidance and support throughout the programme from your mentor and tutor, your programme will culminate in the completion of a word essay over 1,000 words, designed to provide you with the highest chance of success. You will also receive a tailored evaluation report conveying encouraging, personalised feedback to further your subject interest and develop your skills and knowledge.

Under the tutelage of our PhD Ivy League mentors and tutors, you can devise and develop your research question and/or IB TOK presentation, explore the topic in rich detail, propose innovative ideas and construct a structured viewpoint, all within a study format that works for your goals and study style. Depending on what you choose, your mentor will offer study tips, provide study plan support, feedback based on IB TOK presentation criteria, and practical advice on time-management. Our three delivery modes make the programme unique and customisable. Meet your learning goals at your pace and time.


What is the 1:1 Research Programme designed by Ivy League tutors?

The Ivy League Online Research Programme (‘ILORP’) is designed by faculty from Ivy League universities for students who want to enhance their personal research and study skills in preparation for university, whilst also developing deeper knowledge in their chosen field.

Led by your personal tutor, you will undertake a research project assessed at university-level and receive regular 1:1 supervisions from an expert academic.

This course is ideal for students wanting to gain invaluable experience for writing a dissertation or thesis at university, whilst also familiarising themselves with the demands of studying at a top tier university. Alternatively, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience a subject you have never studied before!


My personal tutor was unutterably incredible. I am most grateful to him for making remarks to me about certain mistakes of mine, which I had to emphasize, and directing my gaze to where to look, and how to communicate a certain message unequivocally. I learned many new ideas from him, which I only thought about, but did not study in depth. He repeatedly gave me advice on what to do next time I write such a project or apply to a university. Certainly thanks to him I am different now and much better than when I started this programme!!!

Stoian D
Attended Immerse in 2020
Oxbridge Online Research Programme Student

1:1 Tutoring From Expert Academics

Key Benefits

Students on the Ivy League Online Research Programme will develop key skills essential for success at higher education.

Independent Study & Research Skills

Top universities including Ivy League universities place a huge emphasis on the importance of self-study and development, and this course will help you learn more about how best to research and achieve your goals

Academic Writing

The research project will culminate either in a dissertation-style essay or a complex presentation. Both formats will require you to be able to present your work to a high-quality, including how to frame arguments, analyse and reference appropriately.

Ivy League Teaching Experience

The Ivy League Online Research Programme provides a unique opportunity to learn from expert academics, and experience top-quality tuition, similar to undergraduates studying at leading Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

1:1 Tutoring From Expert Academics

Key Benefits

How It Works

Creative Writing Online Research Programme

Receive A Personalised Programme Tailored To Your Goals

1. Submit Your Enrolment
Once you have submitted your enrolment and paid a deposit, you will be send a booking confirmation asking for more information on your academic background and goals.

2. Be Matched With One Of Our Expert Tutors
Using your academic background form, our team will match your profile with one of our expert tutors from an Ivy League university: Harvard University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University or Yale University.

3. Receive Your Course Induction Pack
Once your tutor has been found, timetable confirmed and full fees received, you will receive final instructions containing details about your programme, such as a course overview, how to access your virtual classroom, as well as any additional material from your tutor.

4. Start Your Course
The course is available as an intensive 1 day, two week or 10 week programme, with 1:1 tutorials each week. You will also be required to research and prepare your project in your own time.

5. Graduate
At the end of the course, your academic research project will be independently assessed and you will receive a certificate of completion, as well as a detailed evaluation from your tutor.

How It Works
  • Intensive (4 hours) IB Theory of Knowledge (Bespoke Start Date)

  • Classic (10 hours) IB Theory of Knowledge (Bespoke Start Date)

  • Extensive (20 hours) IB Theory of Knowledge (Bespoke Start Date)

1:1 tutorials
10, 20 or 40 hours of academic contact time with a personal tutor
Personalised syllabus tailored to your academic goals
Create your own independently assessed research project
Develop key skills essential for success in higher education, such as a research, independent study and academic writing
Access to a secure online platform to facilitate progress and communication between the student and the tutor
Certificate of completion
Detailed personalised evaluation written by your tutor


ivy league 1:1 research programme
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