University Economics Reading Guide

How can I prepare to study Economics at university?

The sheer breadth of the subject can be daunting for a prospective student of economics. In a constantly changing environment, where do you start? Immerse Education is here to help. We have compiled a list of the books we recommend any eager economist read before applying or attending university.

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The benefits of Economics at Immerse Education

 Experience life as a Economics whilst studying in a historic Cambridge University college. At Immerse Education students have the opportunity to live and study at one of Cambridge Universities beautiful and historic colleges.

Prepare for your university economics studies. Our students benefit from 40 hours of economics academic sessions and learn in small classes designed and taught by University tutors.

Prepare for your university economics application. The Immerse Education programme includes preparation tests, mock interviews and one-to-one consultations.

Why download our University Economics Guide?

Designed to simplify pre-uni Economics reading. You might ask yourself What should I do if I want to study Economics at university? Our university economics guide will help you understand what you should do to prepare to study economics at university and also what life will be like when you are studying economics at university!


Written by current students. Our University Economics Guide was written by current Cambridge University Economics undergraduates. They have been where you are now and are here to help. They have recommended their pre-university readings for Economics.


Created with high school students in mind. When it comes to choosing the Economics books to read before applying for university it can be quite daunting. If you want to study Economics at university this is the guide for you.