Join this free live event led by a leading University of Cambridge tutor on what it takes to stand out on your university applications. We understand that it’s difficult knowing how to stand out among a sea of other qualified students applying for university, so we’d like to support you with the tips to do so. The type of topics you can expect to cover during the session include:

Understanding the course you're applying for

Exposing yourself to enriching experiences

Learning how to pinpoint your strengths

How does one stand out?

The session was last held on Friday 29th April, 5pm - 6pm BST (UK Time)

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Dr Richard Morris is a Supervisor in History at the University of Cambridge and a Research Associate in History at St Benet’s Hall, University of Oxford. He has been teaching undergraduate students at the University of Cambridge since 2014 and has also been involved with the University Admissions process. He’ll provide you with all the intel you need to stand out from the crowd of qualified university applicants.

Free Webinar: How to stand out in your university applications? 

Learn what it takes to be memorable and stay top of mind of admissions officers

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