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Strategies for Effective Study

This session will provide you with actionable strategies to study effectively and prepare you for the rest of your academic year, led by a University of Cambridge tutor, Giovanna Maria Dimitri, MPhil, PhD.

Need study motivation to get you through the winter months? Or need study tips to get you over the line with current assignments and tests? This session will provide you with fun and effective strategies for studying. Many of us struggle to concentrate on our studies, but Giovanna Dimitri has a fantastic insight into how to combat this with effective study strategies to prepare you for the rest of the academic year.

Top strategies for maintaining study concentration

Different strategies to retain new and old information

How to maintain focus and motivation during study

Q&A with Giovanna Dimitri PhD.

About your host

Giovanna Maria Dimitri, Oxbridge Tutor, Immerse Education

Giovanna Maria Dimitri holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge and has been tutoring at Immerse for several years. She is a lecturer and life member of Clare Hall College Cambridge.

Topics will include:

University of Cambridge study insights

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