While studying philosophy at Edinburgh University he soon unlocked a passion for sustainability

What has your journey looked like education and work-wise since your time at Immerse?

After getting a solid foundational knowledge of, and enjoyment for, studying philosophy at Immerse, I went on to study the subject at the University of Edinburgh the following year. I was drawn to the Scottish university system for its flexibility in pre-honours years, which allowed me to take optional modules across disciplines like geography and public policy in addition to my core philosophy studies. This unlocked my passion for sustainability, which I then explored through my honours dissertation, writing about environmental ethics.

By the time I was done with my degree, I knew I wanted to work in the sustainability field, particularly as the effects of climate change become increasingly felt around the world. I have so far spent two years in the field. I worked in the first electric vehicle charging company in the U.K. and now currently work in corporate sustainability with global companies to help shape their approaches to sustainability strategy and reporting. I plan to stay in the field, building a career to deliver meaningful action around what I think is the most important, and defining, issue of our times.

Connor found that his philosophy programme at Immerse gave him a head start to study it at university

How did you find Immerse helped you on that journey?

Immerse gave me the chance to explore a subject I was interested in studying at a university level, which up until that point I did not have academic exposure to. The course content was designed to cover a breadth of relevant academic content across multiple philosophy topics, while also deep-diving into specific works of prominent philosophers to explore these ideas in detail. Guided by our Oxbridge tutor, the quality of discussion was high, and prompted us to engage with the subject matter critically, consider a variety of readings and see concepts from many possible perspectives.

Overall, the Immerse programme gave me a strong foundation to go on to study philosophy at university level, giving me a head-start in the skills required to study the subject.

Connor encourages future Immerse students to embrace fully embrace the opportunity

What advice would you give to students joining Immerse programmes?

My primary advice to students joining Immerse programmes is to really make the most of the opportunity to explore these subjects in the same academic context that you’ll have to do at university. The programme can be seen as a concentrated trial run of what studying at university will be like. You’ll be surrounded by diverse and highly capable peers, experienced tutors, and insightful mentors, all of which will help you better understand the overall university experience and what’s right for you. As a secondary point, make sure to take up the social aspects of the experience, since this also gives you a great view of what life at university can be like, and you can forge friendships that will help shape your life!

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