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On our academic summer programmes in Cambridge and Oxford, participants have the unique opportunity to study the subject they are passionate about in university-level programmes that are designed and taught by expert tutors from world-leading universities.

Participants are encouraged to stretch themselves beyond the boundaries of a school curriculum and to delve into completely new and challenging content. The Immerse Education academic syllabuses and our team of tutors are what set our academic programmes apart.

All Immerse tutors have prior experience teaching their subject at university level to undergraduates and undergo an enhanced background check before teaching any programme.

Every year, we are proud to welcome expert tutors and leading academics to our programmes. Please meet some of our tutors below:

  • Aurelio C Mathematics Tutor
    Aurelio C
    Mathematics Tutor
    Aurelio is a stipendiary lecturer to undergraduate students at the University of Oxford. He primarily works in algebraic geometry, an exciting branch of geometry with deep connections to high energy physics, especially to string theory, but also related to cryptography, robotics and computer vision. In particular, he works on “enumerative theories”, which is to say studying ways to efficiently count geometrical objects with certain properties.
  • Babak M International Relations
    Babak M
    International Relations Tutor
    Experience: Tutor at University of Cambridge
    Babak obtained his PhD at the Department of Politics and International Studies at Cambridge University. His work focuses on the politics and international relations of oil-producing states in the Middle East. Prior to joining Cambridge University, Babak worked as a policy advisor for the Dutch Embassy in Rome and the Association of Universities in The Hague. His work has appeared in academic outlets such as Third World Quarterly, The International Spectator, and The Conversation.
  • Saul J - Physics Tutor
    Saul J
    Physics Tutor
    Saul is a Post Doctoral Research Associate between the departments of Physics and Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Saul has been teaching Physics to undergraduates at Cambridge University since 2015, and bases his teaching work on a core philosophy of training logic, intuition and true physical understanding of material systems.
  • Iris H - Medicine Tutor
    Iris H
    Medicine Tutor
    Experience: Tutor at University of Cambridge
    Iris is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, where her research focus is neurobiology. She completed her PhD in Medicine and the University of Cambridge, where she worked on rare genetic forms of hypertension. Iris’ main research focus lies in the understanding of ion channels, molecular machines that process electrical information in the body, underlying not only neuroscience but many processes in human health and disease. Her work has been internationally recognised in the form of scientific meetings and publication in respected scientific journals.
  • Jessica L
    Creative Writing & English Literature Tutor
    Experience: Tutor at University of Cambridge
    Jessica is an English Literature tutor at Lucy Cavendish College in the University of Cambridge - where she completed her PhD. Jessica's interests include women’s writings and children’s literature, particularly from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She has spoken at conferences in the UK, Ireland, the US, Australia, and Sweden, and has published articles with Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, Oxford Research in Education, Notes and Queries, and The Charles Lamb Bulletin.
  • Richard M History Tutor
    Richard M
    History Tutor
    Experience: Tutor at University of Cambridge
    Richard is an experienced supervisor in History at the University of Cambridge, a Research Associate of St Benet's Hall, University of Oxford, and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Richard completed both his undergraduate and postgraduate studies as a member of Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was appointed as a Senior Scholar in 2011. Since completing his PhD, he has had a range of academic publications in the field of early modern history. He has a particular interest in the role of festival, ritual, art, performance, and material culture in the construction of identity in historical contexts as well as the nature and impact of encounters between diverse peoples across the early modern world.
What students
are saying

It was surreal. From walking through charming courts to relaxing after lessons with friends in the college garden, the experience exceeded my expectations. Through my mentor’s careful explanations of the subject, thorough answers to our questions, along with the practicals – which includes dissections, glucose blood tests, and simulating emergency medicine events – I found every single lesson enjoyable. The most beneficial things would have to be the lessons and meeting all sorts of different people.

Chawisa W
Attended Immerse in 2021
Residential Medicine 16-18

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the academic background of tutors?
    All tutors are academics from Oxford, Cambridge or an Ivy League university, and have experience teaching at an undergraduate level.
  • Do you conduct background checks on tutors?
    All tutors must undergo an enhanced disclosure and barring service (DBS) check before interacting with any Immerse student.
  • How can I apply to become a tutor?
    If you are interest in becoming a tutor, please visit the join our team page.

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