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Learn from world class tutors in both our residential and online programmes. Our tutors are all Immerse certified and are from some of the world’s top universities.

Below are the calibre of tutors we have worked with in the past.

What Do Our Alumni Say?
Shrada G. Online Insights: Medicine
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I’m planning on pursuing medicine and cell biology in both A-level and university, so the programme showed me how it would be taught at a higher level.I found it very surprising how helpful my tutor was and how accommodating they were. They explained a lot of things over and over, and especially in one-to-one sessions beforehand, you got quite a bit of time to ask them questions about what you didn’t understand.

My tutor was very specialised in cell biology, which I found was very helpful because even in the lessons, if something wasn’t mentioned, they were able to use their own knowledge and explain it, which I found was very interesting because I learned some extra things along the way, too.

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Shrada G

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Online Insights, Medicine


What is the academic background of tutors?

All tutors are academics from Oxford, Cambridge or an Ivy League university, Russell Group universities and have experience teaching at an undergraduate level.

Yes, all teaching staff undergo extensive background checks

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Learn Directly From Expert Academics From World-class Universities

You will explore novel concepts and share ideas in small groups of like-minded and ambitious peers from around the world. Our small class sizes average seven students.


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