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Female Future Leaders

Residential programmes
Prepare for your future on the Immerse™ Female Future Leaders programme. Learn alongside peers from around the world, thrive in multi-disciplinary tutorials from expert university tutors, learn alongside peers from around the world, and immerse yourself in university life in Cambridge. We look forward to welcoming ambitious and motivated female from around the world, on our only all-female course.
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for residential programmes
16-18 years old

Female Future Leaders

Symposia • 16-18 years old
16-18 years
Our first ever all-female course welcomes bright and motivated participants from around the world. Students will develop key leadership skills such as motivation, emotional intelligence, project management and critical thinking.
Female Future Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Immerse™ Female Future Leaders programme is dedicated to helping young women explore leadership. It includes a range of subjects, from STEM to business and public speaking.

Why is it important to study Female Leadership? Because the world’s demand for female leaders is increasing. The Frontiers in Psychology states that female leaders received praise for their outstanding leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Three women stand out: Angela Merkel of Germany, Jacinda Ardern Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, and Tsai Ing-Wen of Taiwan. They received recognition because of the “care, empathy, and collaborative approach” they put forward.

Researchers from the Universities of Leicester and Glasgow affirm that companies with more than 30% female executives were more likely to surpass companies with lesser female executives.

Despite the data proving women’s leadership capabilities, they enjoy less pay and representation than men. Women working for Easyjet earn 63.6% less than men. Females working for HSBC bank make 51.3% less than the opposite sex.

When it comes to representation, only 1 in 3 entrepreneurs is female. And in 2022, only 15% of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies are women.

More effort is necessary to bridge the gap. As young women, it’s essential to learn vital leadership qualities to improve workplaces, organisations, and nations. What better way to hone your skills than to learn from expert university tutors alongside like-minded peers?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an 8% employment growth for Top Executives from 2020 to 2030. Resulting in 247,100 job openings yearly. For Management Occupations, there’s a 9% from 2020 to 2030. Opening up about 906,800 new jobs per year. Careers in Management include Human Resources, Food Service, Advertising, Computer and Information Systems, and School Principals.

In the UK, Project Managers and Executive Assistants are two of the Top 10 most in-demand jobs today.

Immerse Education offers a residential course for Female Future Leaders located in the city of Cambridge, UK.

You don’t need prior skills, experience, or learning to take the residential course for Female Future Leaders. But being passionate about the subject is a valuable asset.

Competitive Advantage and Innovation

Companies use innovation to stay competitive. This module explores case studies to discover what causes businesses to fail and succeed. How do they differentiate themselves? What are the strategies to create value in competitive industries? Then, with a firm grasp of theory, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned to practice! Your team will present a pitch to your peers after receiving a brief.

Global Environmental Change

Human impact threatens the environment like never before. Dive deep into critical global environmental issues such as climate change, land use, exploitation and pollution. Here you’ll learn how to assess drivers of change in vulnerable ecosystems. At the workshop’s end, you’ll debate with your peers on the best approach to tackle climate change.

Public Speaking

Leaders need to practise the art of public speaking. What makes a good orator? What lessons can we take from some of the world’s finest public speakers? In this session, you’ll develop your public speaking skills. Learn how to empower and persuade. How? By delivering informative speeches in front of crowds.

Conference Activity
How do you showcase your thoughts and ideas about female leadership? By developing argument and presentation skills. You’ll work with a small group to exercise your teamwork, negotiation, and research skills here. During the final conference activity, enjoy a professional presentation setting. Take the opportunity to show the skills you’ve improved over the course.

Motivated and ambitious female students ages 16-18 are best suited for Female Future Leaders courses. Do you want to experience learning from expert tutors at the University of Cambridge? You wouldn’t want to miss this course!

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