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We Promise to Empower You with the Knowledge and Skills Needed to Support Your Ambitions

At Immerse,

We are dedicated to providing exceptional learning experiences that catapult your plans for the future to new heights. We inspire, challenge and draw you into a stimulating programme filled with academic discoveries and new social connections.

We understand that you’re making an investment into your future by participating in an Immerse Programme, and with that in mind, we’re committed to making you feel 100% reassured in your decision to trust us.

We, therefore, pledge that if our programmes haven’t helped to improve your knowledge in your chosen subject area, we will provide you with an Immerse Online Programme entirely
for free.

That’s right, we’ll get you to the point of full confidence with your subject knowledge at all costs.

We offer programmes in over 20 subjects from Architecture, to Medicine and Nanotechnology. There’s a subject for you whether you gravitate towards the arts or sciences, and we offer programmes 1:1 or in groups through our Online Insights and ORP programmes, or at institutions such as the University of Oxford and The University of Cambridge in our flagship Academic Insights Programmes. If you’re looking for a more practical experience we also deliver Career Insights, a project-based programme focused on learning skills and gaining career insights directly from industry experts.

Choose from our range of programmes, whether they be online or residential.

You Shouldn’t Just Take Our Word For It. See How We’ve Helped Previous Students:

"The course helped me extend my knowledge of English Literature in a lot of different areas which I had not had the opportunity to study before and in an interesting, friendly and interactive way. I came home with a list of different books I want to read and topics I want to follow up on."

Amy R

Residential Summer Programme (English Literature) Student

"I loved the way we were taught a bit of background covering computer architecture and cryptography, which connected many dots and gave me a bigger picture."

Albert M

Residential Summer Programme (Computer Science) Student

"Being at Cambridge was an experience like no other. I chose to attend this programme because I wanted to develop my abilities in coding and see whether I could handle the challenges of computer science. My favourite part of the lessons was being able to discuss different ways to solve problems in code and be able to look at a way to fix an error from a different perspective. I really enjoyed being able to work on mini coding projects (...)"

Ailin S

Residential Computer Science 16-18

"My favourite part of the lessons was that they were very interactive and there was always something fun to do. The tutor was also really lovely and provided us with one-on-one sessions to clear our doubts. I feel that making friends was the most beneficial about the programme. These people supported me throughout the day, whenever I needed it."

Amisha V

Residential Medicine 16-18

"The class was encouraged not to jump impulsively to conclusions, but to think logically, applying all the skills and knowledge we had learned in the previous days. I truly believe that throughout the two weeks, through court visits, mock trial, explanations of the law and debates in class, the course instilled a sense of passion for law in me, which I truly didn’t expect to happen."

Anastasiya P

Residential Summer Programme (Law) Student

"My favourite part of the lessons was being able to express different opinions from my peers and analyse why we felt that way and how these views contributed to or were displayed in the real world. I found the small classes very beneficial as they gave me more of a chance to share my thoughts and understand my peers and tutor in more depth. It was a great experience and a fun introduction to what student life at Cambridge is (...)"

Caitlin A

Residential International Relations 16-18

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