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Our online Computer Science programmes are perfect for those intrigued by programming, mathematical, and engineering interests. Our courses offer you the opportunity to explore the key principles of this fascinating discipline, and to learn how these principles are being applied at the forefront of a variety of sectors. Careers in Computer Science are some of the most sought after in the world, and the Computer Science summer school provides an ideal stepping stone to not only acquaint yourself with essential knowledge but also to discover the different career options available. Our programmes are designed for students who are passionate about technology but do not have any significant former academic understanding of the discipline. Our expert tutors will teach you the fundamental theories, and explore how these are applied to fascinating fields such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.
Oxbridge Online Research Programme 2021
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13-18 years old

Computer Science
Oxbridge 1:1 Research Programme • 13-18 years old
Oxbridge 1:1 Research Programme
13-18 years

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