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Immersed is the name of our publication that updates our thousands of alumni on the success stories of former participants from around the world. Immerse is not just a summer school, it’s an experience that stays with students for life. Read Immersed.

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    Emma S
    Attended Immerse in 2020

    Business Management (Oxbridge Online Research Programme)

    I studied Business Management on the Oxbridge Online Research Programme. I am a very shy person and I thought that I would have a problem communicating with my tutor, but as soon as we started our first lesson all my nerves went away and I started talking normally as if I was talking to a friend!

    I found the course really useful to better understand what business is. Now that I have tried it out I would love to continue studying it.

  • Julien J
    Attended Immerse in 2021

    Computer Science (Oxbridge Online Research Programme)

    I chose to enrol in the Oxbridge Online Research Programme to explore artificial intelligence in depth. I found it challenging producing a long essay, but it was very rewarding. I enjoyed learning about artificial intelligence and I want to continue studying it.

    My tutor, Elizabeth had an in-depth understanding of my needs and shared lots of resources. She simplified lots of information in a way that I could easily understand, and was inspiring, passionate, supportive, patient, and dedicated. She opened many doors for my future, I am truly grateful.

  • Sarah T
    Attended Immerse in 2019

    Academic Insights participant

    The individualised attention was something that I was incredibly pleased with. It really helped me to delve into my area of interest, and to learn far more about the subject than I could have on my own. It’s built up my confidence, and I’m now sure that I want to advance my interest to university level.

  • Anna K
    Attended Immerse in 2019

    Academic Insights participant

    The Immerse Education programme is a useful experience for both learning and personal career. I learned a lot, met new people, understood new concepts and most importantly I enjoyed it a hundred percent. You get an overview of many topics and realize the world behind what you don’t know about. In my opinion, this was the best choice I could ever make at this age.

  • Winnie C
    Attended Immerse in 2020

    Oxbridge Online Research Programme (International Relations) Student

    The subject area of my programme is Politics and International Relations. My tutor was really helpful, understanding and constructive in the feedback he gave. It was a great opportunity to learn from someone who had done a previous study on the project topic I was working on. In addition to the lectures and guidance on how to properly plan and structure my writing, the biggest help I received was the support and confidence I gained from his experience.

    I originally had difficulties portraying my own thoughts onto paper and had always relied on references for support, hence undermining the analytical aspect of my writing. He was really helpful in providing me with constructive feedback and encouraging me to better portray my ideas, reassuring me to be bolder in my writing and to be confident.

  • Albert M
    Attended Immerse in 2018

    I loved the way we were taught a bit of background covering computer architecture and cryptography, which connected many dots and gave me a bigger picture.

  • Amy R
    Attended Immerse in 2018

    The course helped me extend my knowledge of English Literature in a lot of different areas which I had not had the opportunity to study before and in an interesting, friendly and interactive way. I came home with a list of different books I want to read and topics I want to follow up on.

  • Carmen I
    Attended Immerse in 2021

    My tutor was super helpful and he made all of our lessons very interesting! The sessions of advice and university discussions with the mentors, and all the lessons, were my favourite part.

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