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100% of Alumni surveyed

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Oxbridge-Accepted Immerse Alumni

Our programmes give students an indication of what to expect from university-level study while engaging them in a range of enriching activities that they can showcase in their applications. Get insights into how Immerse supported these Oxbridge students with their applications to university!

"Being at Cambridge was an experience like no other. I chose to attend this programme because I wanted to develop my abilities in coding and see whether I could handle the challenges of computer science. My favourite part of the lessons was being able to discuss different ways to solve problems in code and be able to look at a way to fix (...)"

Ailin S

Residential Computer Science 16-18

"The programme helped me to understand more about medicine and I learnt how to communicate with peers. I also gained a lot more confidence from this course!"

Alvin L

Residential Medicine 16-18

"My favourite part of the lessons was experiencing new and more challenging material has helped prepare me for my A-levels and gave me an idea of what to expect. My tutor was also excellent, she gave lots of valuable advice and the content relayed by her was clear and easy to understand."

Charles M

Residential Medicine 16-18

"It was surreal. From walking through charming courts to relaxing after lessons with friends in the college garden, the experience exceeded my expectations. Through my mentor’s careful explanations of the subject, thorough answers to our questions, along with the practicals – which includes dissections, glucose blood tests, and simulating emergency medicine events – I found every single lesson enjoyable. The most beneficial things (...)"

Chawisa W

Residential Medicine 16-18

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Alumni unanimously agree that we support their transition to university!

We sent a survey out to our alumni and received overwhelmingly positive responses about their time on our courses. You'll be pleased to hear that two of the biggest takeaways that students had while taking part in an Immerse course were:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the subject they wished to study at University
  • Unforgettable experiences that they had with their tutors and their peers


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