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Career-focused summer programmes based in the heart of London

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With accommodation perfectly placed to explore the sights and sounds of our capital city, living in London means being connected with world-famous universities and iconic landmarks.

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Career Insights programmes

Our Alumni Says

The Career Insights programme has been really, for lack of a better word, ‘immersive’ into what the experience of living in London for university would really be like – having that chance to connect with different people and comparing our own experiences, discussing what we’ve learned and meshing all our knowledge to come up with big collective ideas to share with the group in class.

One of the main reasons I came on the programme was because I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go with medicine or if I even wanted to do it at all. I think Immerse has given me a lot of clarity in terms of having a better understanding of what a career, or even university education in medicine, really looks like. Having the opportunity to talk to med students and people who are working with PhDs, as well as going to different universities and workspaces and looking at all sorts of different career opportunities in medicine has been really beneficial.

I’ve found working with the tutors and completing coursework really interesting. Having a tutor who knows a lot about your subject is useful, especially being able to talk to her about her experiences when we’re doing our coursework, and get her ideas on the subject. The coursework itself has been really entertaining and interesting, with a focus on infectious diseases and cancer.

Mia T
Attended Immerse in 2022
Career Insights Medicine Participant.
Our Alumni Says

Our tutor Fortina was amazing. He knew the answer to every question you could think of about engineering. I’m interested in aerospace, but there were other students who were interested in civil engineering, material engineering and properties – Fortina knew about everyone’s specialist subjects and was happy to discuss opportunities in each field with us.

My favourite aspect of the programme would be going on trips such as the tour of the London Underground. We got to see how the underground operates and how engineering plays such a vital role.

I’ve always thought of myself as a social person and good with people, but from day one you start to work with the team of other participants who you may have only known for two or three hours – it’s a different type of socializing, more similar to a workplace environment where you need to get on professionally with your colleagues – this is something I had never experienced before and gave me a great insight into the world of work within the field of Engineering.

Ferris M
Attended Immerse in 2022
Career Insights Engineering Participant

About our Accommodation

Located between Bloomsbury and Kings Cross, our Central London accommodation offers a comfortable, convenient base from which to explore the city. We make the most of our great location by visiting industry hubs across the city and enjoying the incredible food, culture and history on offer.

Participants stay in comfortable single, en-suite bedrooms with access to common rooms and social spaces with pool tables and quiet study areas, perfect for downtime.

Our Career Insights accommodation is situated in a Grade II Listed buildings in London’s Bloomsbury. University College London (UCL), a perfect place to stay surrounded by world-leading education institutions. 

With the majority single, en-suite bedrooms, students can make the most of comfortable bedrooms with modern common rooms and communal space. 

The Accommodation is five minutes walk from Euston Station. The closest underground station is Euston Square, and only ten minutes walk from The British Museum, The British Library and The Brunswick Centre, a great location for our social and cultural activities. 

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