Marketing & Entertainment Summer School

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Immerse Education's Marketing and Entertainment Summer School Programme invites middle and high school students (15-18) to two weeks of creativity and strategy. Master the art of digital storytelling, where marketing meets entertainment. Discover how these realms merge, crafting engaging narratives that redefine how brands captivate audiences in an evolving digital landscape.
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Marketing & Entertainment summer school

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Marketing & Entertainment Summer School
New York
15-18 years old

Marketing and Entertainment

Career Insights - New York • 15-18 years old
Career Insights - New York
New York
15-18 years
For students aged 15-18 with a passion for Marketing and Entertainment, our summer programme in New York provides an ideal platform to delve deep into these dynamic fields before embarking on advanced studies.
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The Career Insights programme has been great. I’ve been interacting with so many different people from different cultures and different countries, and it’s been fun to learn new things about business management that I didn’t know earlier. We’ve learned about different things in business like cryptocurrency, marketing, marketing strategies and advertising. We completed our own project about brand management which has been really interesting. In our project, we created our own brand and own product along with an advertising campaign to sell it to consumers.

Throughout the programme, I’ve noticed myself developing and changing into a more confident individual who has more clarity of his future. It gives you more clarity on how to present projects in front of educators, and it gives you an edge over the rest.

Armaan S
Attended Immerse in 2022
Career Insights Business Management Participant
Film camera for entertainment program

Marketing & Entertainment Summer Programmes

Marketing & Entertainment are industries that centre on captivating audiences through branding, media production, and storytelling. They create memorable experiences that resonate with consumers, shaping industries and influencing culture.

During Immerse’s Marketing & Entertainment Summer Course —a two-week fusion of creativity and strategy for ambitious middle and high school students during their summer break – you’ll learn to craft your own compelling narratives that drive action amongst audiences.

Moreover, our marketing & entertainment summer schools extend beyond delivering captivating content; they emphasise hard and soft skill development.

If you aspire to thrive in the dynamic world of marketing and entertainment, selecting an Immerse program in this field is an excellent starting point for your creative and strategic journey.

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Marketing & Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s covered in the Marketing & Entertainment programme?
Immerse™ Marketing and Entertainment programs blend creativity and strategy, exploring digital storytelling, internet marketing and brand management. Uncover the art of captivating audiences in an evolving digital landscape.

Why study Marketing & Entertainment?
In an interconnected world, effective communication is key. From branding to media production, these fields shape how we engage. By studying Marketing and Entertainment, you master the tools to share stories, ideas, and messages that resonate and prepare for a career in which you dramatically enlarge your employer’s customer base.

Enthusiasts of Marketing and Entertainment embark on versatile career trajectories. They excel in creative agencies, media conglomerates, marketing departments, and more, with the option to work in specialist areas such as sports marketing or pay-per-click marketing.

Graduates can pursue roles in-house as part of departments like brand management, digital marketing, content creation, and audience engagement – to name a few.

The realm of Marketing and Entertainment provides platforms to craft compelling narratives, influence consumer perceptions, and contribute to the dynamic interplay of artistic expression and strategic communication.


Immerse Education offers a residential, career-focused Marketing & Entertainment programme in New York.

Immerse programmes cater to all students with an interest in this area, regardless of prior exposure to Marketing and Entertainment. An enthusiasm for crafting narratives, curiosity about consumer behaviour, and a penchant for blending creativity with strategy amplify the impact of the experience.

While the specific syllabus is influenced by your instructor and may diverge, we promise an all-encompassing spectrum of subjects inspired by university syllabi and entry-level positions in interconnected industries.

The syllabus overview will elaborate on the topics intended for your distinct course. The programme’s main aim is to cover the foundational principles of marketing and explore the variety of organisations within the entertainment sector, with a secondary focus on exploring marketing strategies in the specific context of the entertainment industry.


The Marketing and Entertainment course caters to students intrigued by consumer behaviour, entranced by storytelling, and motivated to shape their own compelling narratives.

For students aspiring to a marketing internship, this course will be invaluable as a key form of preparation. If you have a flair for crafting impactful messages and a knack for predicting what will or won’t engage an audience, this course presents a platform to explore the captivating realms of marketing and entertainment.

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