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The Immerse Education Essay Competition

Details of the competition, the guidelines, the prizes and important competition dates for your diary are outlined below.

What is the Immerse Education Essay Competition?

The Immerse Education Essay Competition provides the opportunity for students aged 13-18 to submit essay responses to a pre-set question relating to their chosen subject.

Who can apply?

Students of all nationalities who will be aged 13-18 during the summer of 2019.

What should I write about?

Our essay question is pre-defined but broad to enable you to tailor your essay response to reflect your interest in your chosen subject. Please note that this subject should be a programme offered by Immerse Education.

How do I submit my essay?

Please complete the form below which will request your essay as a pdf document and photograph.

Top Prize 

Winning essays will be awarded with 100% scholarships covering the participation for a programme of your choice.


Essays that are awarded runner-up prizes will be offered a partial scholarship of up to 75% of the participation fee for a programme of your choice.

Grammar/Spellcheck: British English must be used. Your essay should be checked for spelling and grammar before submitting.
Distribution: All winning entries will be shared on the Immerse Education website, and in Immerse marketing materials, including social media. Immerse Education may also publish non-winning entries.
Editing: Articles can be edited by Immerse Education at their discretion.
Word count: 500 words (+/- 10%)
Content: The essay question is pre-set but broad and your answer should reflect your interest in your chosen subject. Inappropriate language, or content that might discriminate or cause offence will result in your withdrawal from the competition.
URLs: Hyperlinks to external and internal URLs are highly recommended to reference any research completed.
Entries: One entry per person.

1st February 2019  – Essay Competition open at 9AM UK time

31st March 2019 – Essay Competition close at 11:59PM UK time

1st May 2019 – Competition Winners will be informed

Ongoing – Winning entries will be featured on the Immerse Education website.

Due to the high number of applications, it is not possible for us to provide individualised feedback.

Immerse Education Essay Competition Entry Form

Essay question: What problem would you like to solve, and how could your chosen subject help you achieve this?

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