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Explore Creative Writing in an Immersive Summer School

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Where Do We Offer Creative Writing?

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What to Expect in a Creative Writing Programme

What is the course about? Immerse™ Creative Writing programmes offer participants an immersive journey into the art of storytelling, covering diverse genres and techniques. It covers a wide range of topics, from narrative structure to character development and creative expression.

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Learn analytical and problem-solving skills

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Develop academic and critical skills

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Meet Some Of Our Qualified Tutors

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Jessica L. Tutor
Jessica L

Jessica is an English Literature tutor at Lucy Cavendish College in the University of Cambridge - where she completed her PhD.

Each tutor is certified by Immerse, ensuring participants receive the highest level of education. Tutors are at the heart of our programmes and are dedicated to providing guidance, support, and constructive feedback to help participants achieve their academic objectives. Read more about our expert tutors.

What Do Our Alumni Say About Immerse?

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Why Immerse?

Immerse Education offers a lot more than your average summer school provider. Our programmes ignite a lifelong educational journey, nurturing growth with ongoing educational support, while equipping you with essential skill sets for every step of your education pathways.

We cater to all types of learners, offering academic and career programmes with flexible learning options, and offer our award-winning programmes in locations across the globe.

We have the highest educational standards and seek to realise the highest possible outcomes for our participants.

Enrolling in an Immerse Education programme will award you:

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What is an Creative Writing programme and why is it important to study?

What is Creative Writing?

It’s a form of artistic writing that uses imagery, drama, and narrative to express ideas. Genres in Creative Writing include fiction, poetry, and screenplays. As opposed to more technical forms of writing you see in research papers or news articles.

Why is it important to study creative writing?

It’s important to study creative writing because it enhances your communication skills. When you find the right words to say, your message becomes impactful.

This skill is especially crucial in business. Why? Because the core of creative writing is empathy. When you write poems or stories, it’s about putting yourself in other people’s shoes. What’s going on in their minds? What are they feeling?

Empathy is also centre-stage in business. After all, isn’t entrepreneurship all about solving people’s problems? How can you help people if you don’t understand what they’re going through? And when you understand them, how can you communicate what you do?

Creative Writing helps you express what your brand stands for. And how your products solve problems. Even in non-profit organisations, Creative Writing comes in handy. Because you need support. And the only way to gain that is by sharing your stories and advocacies through words.

So whatever profession or business you enter, the communication skills you develop with Creative Writing are valuable assets.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 9% employment growth for writers and authors from 2020 to 2030. Opening up about 15,400 job openings per year.

In the UK, 6 of the Top 10 careers for those who took English as their Major are the following: teaching professionals; marketing professionals; public relations professionals; authors, writers, and translators; human resources and industrial relations officers; and newspaper and periodical journalists and reporters.

Immerse Education offers both online and residential summer courses for Creative Writing. The residential courses are available in the UK in Cambridge and Oxford. Also, outside of the UK in Sydney.

No previous skills, experience, or education is required to enrol in the Creative Writing course. However, a keen interest in the subject can be beneficial. Your expert creative writing tutor will provide you with preparatory materials before the commencement of your summer school. This ensures that all participants begin the programme on an equal footing in terms of knowledge.

For 13-15 yr. olds:

Blank Page

What’s the most challenging part of the writing process? Starting. Even for experienced writers, staring at a blank page and coming up empty is often daunting. What do you do? In this module, you’ll learn warm-up exercises and quick-fire short assignments. Plus, you’ll discover how to gain inspiration from the work of other writers. These techniques will help you overcome the fear of the blank page.

Character Creation

The best characters come alive beyond the page. So it’s no surprise that creating such memorable characters is a massive challenge even for the best authors. But don’t worry, because you’ll discover character creation techniques in this class, such as creating CVs, family tress, and relationship networks. These will help you identify potential sources of conflict in your characters’ lives.

Plot Mapping

The plot is what happens in a story. In Plot Mapping, you’ll understand the importance of crafting ‘tension points’ and ‘turning points.’ And the creative possibilities of ‘plot twists.” Without these, the plot degrades into a simple sequence of events with no central question that drives your characters forward.

Written Portfolio

By this point, you will have completed a short written piece. What better way to conclude the programme than to present it to the class? You’ll also have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from your tutor and peers.

For 16-18 yr. olds:

An Introduction To Creative Writing

What are the conventional assumptions of writing in the 21st Century? Let’s challenge that in this introductory module. Here you’ll discuss your expectations of the programme. What do you hope to achieve at the end of it? And you’ll also have the opportunity to discuss the writing methods and routines you prefer.

The best part? You’ll learn how to overcome your fear of a blank page. Then, with the right techniques, you can start writing in a breeze!

The Importance of Character

Do you believe that great characters drive the best stories? Think Sherlock Holmes and Jay Gatsby. In this session, you’ll dive deep into the clichés and tropes of a range of comedic and conflicted characters. Plus, you’ll investigate how characters can shift the tone and plot.

Learning The Industry: The Basics

Great, you now have a finished manuscript. What’s next? Do you know that even the best authors experience setbacks from not knowing how the publishing industry works? You’ll learn about the various publishing options in this module, from competitions, magazines and traditional publishing, to e-books, self-publication and film writing.

Written Portfolio

As you go through the programme, you’ll be writing a portfolio of creative writing or a novella. You’ll have the opportunity to complete your work in this final module. The most important part? Your tutor will give you personal written and verbal feedback to help you become the best writer you can be.

The Creative Writing courses are ideally suited for driven individuals who aspire to pursue English-related subjects at university. Engaging in this course will provide you with a competitive advantage over your peers.

Those eager to benefit from the expertise of world-class tutors from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford will find this course particularly rewarding!

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