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Veterinary Studies Summer Schools

Residential programmes
Our Veterinary Studies Summer School offers students insight into a discipline that you typically would not encounter during high school and yet remains one of the most popular and competitive career paths in the world. During our two week programme, participants will explore a broad range of veterinarian concepts with opportunities to apply new knowledge in a series of practicals. Expert tutors from world-leading universities will teach you, and talk you through the variety of career options open to a graduate in veterinary studies.
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Unparalleled academic programmes

for residential programmes
13-15 years old

Veterinary Studies

Academic Insights - Sydney • 13-15 years old
Academic Insights - Sydney
13-15 years
Explore university-level Veterinary Studies in the surroundings of a beautiful University of Sydney college. A perfect course for students interested in exploring the themes of Veterinary Studies, taught by Oxbridge tutors.
16-18 years old

Veterinary Studies

Academic Insights - Sydney • 16-18 years old
Academic Insights - Sydney
16-18 years
Explore university-level Veterinary Studies in the surroundings of a beautiful University of Sydney college. A perfect course for students interested in exploring the themes of Veterinary Studies, taught by Oxbridge tutors.
Hear from other students

I would describe the Immerse Academic Insights programme as intellectually stimulating, diverse, inspiring, motivating. I’ve definitely enjoyed meeting new people from all around the world, it has been amazing. I’ve loved studying something that I’m so passionate about, and being around like minded people and learning with them has been an incredible experience.

We’ve done dissections and other practicals such as suturing and gone through a lot of content that I wouldn’t have learned at school. I feel like the Immerse course is really preparing me for higher education by giving me insight into what being a university student might be like.

I looked at the essay competition and it seemed like an incredible opportunity, so I applied for the essay competition, got a partial scholarship, and here I am!

Sienna S
Attended Immerse in 2022
Residential Medicine (16-18)

About the Immerse Veterinary Studies Summer School

The Immerse Veterinary Science programme is designed to build upon knowledge students have gained from traditional classroom-based science lessons and prepare students for University style learning and a career in veterinary science. Students will learn the fundamentals of biomedical and animal science that underpin veterinary science. Students will be introduced to new experiences and materials, further developed by practical sessions within the local community. By the end of the programme, students can expect to have gained new skills and in-depth knowledge which will inspire further study at a degree level and a future career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our Veterinary Studies programmes?

What is Veterinary Studies?
Veterinary Studies is the branch of medicine concerned with disease, disorders and injury in animals. You’ll learn a range of clinical skills along with animal husbandry (how to look after animals). Degrees differ between universities, but in general, focus on the structure and function of the healthy animal and the diagnosis, treatment and control of diseases that affect animals.

Why is it important to study?
If you love animals, then Veterinary Studies will give you with the tools to make their lives better. Whether you’re studying disease prevention or helping a local pet, you could be playing a big part in improving animal welfare.

Key areas of employment

Following completion of their degree, graduates need to register with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in order to practice. Typically, graduates go on to find employment in the following areas:

  • private veterinary practice
  • animal charities such as the RSPCA, Blue Cross, PDSA
  • zoos
  • Government Veterinary Service
  • Royal Army Veterinary Corp
  • scientific research
  • higher education teaching

You don’t need prior skills, experience, or learning to take the Veterinary Studies residential course, but being passionate about the subject is valuable. Your expert Veterinary Studies tutors will provide you with work before your summer programme starts. This ensures that you have the required skills and knowledge to make the most out of your time with Immerse.

Motivated students ages 13-18 who dream of becoming Vets will benefit most from the Veterinary Studies residential courses. If you’re planning to take Veterinary Medicine at university, there’s no better way to get ahead of your competition.

For those who want to learn from expert Oxbridge and Cambridge tutors, you’re very much welcome!

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Frequently asked questions