of Alumni surveyed say Immerse supports their transition to university


of Alumni surveyed believe Immerse Education was a life-changing experience


of Alumni surveyed agree Immerse helped them to succeed in their chosen subject

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Oxbridge-Accepted Immerse Alumni

Our programmes give students an indication of what to expect from university-level study while engaging them in a range of enriching activities that they can showcase in their applications. Get insights into how Immerse supported these Oxbridge students with their applications to university!

Chemistry | 2019

Oxbridge Online Research Programme

Elif decided to take the Immerse Education Oxbridge Online Research Programme following a recommendation from her University Counsellor at her school in Turkey, who knew that she would be interested in carrying out research and chemistry programmes.

Elif is now studying Chemistry at Oxford University! Read her story below

Alice M
International Relations | 2021

Alice participated in Immerse Education’s Essay Competition, winning a partial scholarship.

She has shared her testimonial for future participants to learn more about the Immerse experience and the usefulness of our summer courses.

Antonia H
Biology | 2021

In 2021, Antonia received an email from Immerse Education about the opening of their annual essay competition. She took a screenshot of the email and enrolled.

Her essay was titled “To What Extent is Human Behaviour Genetically Determined?”

Amal S
Biology | 2021

Amal participated in the Immerse Education Essay Competition in 2021 and successfully secured a partial scholarship to attend 16-18 Biology programme in the summer of 2021.

Since attending the Immerse Education summer programme, we’re proud to share that Amal has successfully secured a place at Cambridge University to further his studies in Biology! Amal shared his Immerse testimonial with us and talks about how our programme supported his journey to university and beyond.

Read on to hear his story.

Francesca W
Medicine | 2019

A passion for medicine lead Irish student Francesca to participate in an Academic Insights programme. Her summer with Immerse propelled her to study medicine at Cambridge University!

Yashas R
International Relations | 2022

Yashas had always had a passion for international affairs, and believed the course would give him a taste of the life he hoped to lead at Oxford University.

Yashas shared his story of applying for University after Immerse Education, and being accepted into Oxford University!

Read on to hear his story.


of alumni surveyed say that Immerse supports their transition to university


of alumni surveyed agree that Immerse provides them with value to add to their university applications


Of alumni surveyed said that their confidence grew throughout their time with Immerse


Of alumni surveyed said that Immerse helped them to succeed in their chosen subject

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