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Explore Engineering in an Immersive Summer School

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Where Do We Offer Engineering?

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What to Expect in an Engineering Programme

Engineering is the driving force behind innovation and progress, shaping our world’s infrastructure and technology. It marries science and creativity to solve complex problems, from sustainable energy solutions to cutting-edge transportation systems. Our Engineering summer programmes provide participants with hands-on experience in various engineering disciplines, from electrical to civil engineering, mirroring the experiential learning of undergraduate Engineering degrees.

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Learn analytical and problem-solving skills

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Gain real-world and practical experience

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Develop academic and critical skills

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Knowledge in theory application

Meet Some Of Our Qualified Tutors

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Kimberly B. Tutor
Kimberly B

Kimberly is a PhD researcher in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, having previously been a lecturer at the University of Calgary.

Our tutors are highly qualified with Oxbridge training. Each tutor is certified by Immerse, ensuring participants receive the highest level of education. Tutors are at the heart of our programmes and are dedicated to providing guidance, support, and constructive feedback to help participants achieve their academic objectives. Read more about our expert tutors.

What Do Our Alumni Say About Immerse?

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Why Immerse?

Immerse Education offers a lot more than your average summer school provider. Our programmes ignite a lifelong educational journey, nurturing growth with ongoing educational support, while equipping you with essential skill sets for every step of your education pathways.

We cater to all types of learners, offering academic and career programmes with flexible learning options, and offer our award-winning programmes in locations across the globe.

We have the highest educational standards and seek to realise the highest possible outcomes for our participants.

Enrolling in an Immerse Education programme will award you:

Accreditations, Awards & Partnerships

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What is an Engineering Programme and why is it important to study?

Immerse™ Engineering programmes are designed to provide participants with an immersive exploration of engineering principles, innovation, and technological advancements. Covering a wide range of engineering disciplines, from mechanical to electrical engineering.

Engineering drives innovation, solves complex challenges, and shapes modern society. From designing efficient systems to creating sustainable solutions, engineers play a critical role in improving our quality of life. By studying Engineering, you’ll contribute to technological progress and innovative problem-solving.

Engineering graduates enjoy a vast array of career prospects across multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive, technology, energy, and healthcare. They can specialize in various fields such as civil, mechanical, electrical, software, and chemical engineering, working in roles that involve design, development, testing, and management of projects and systems. With the growing emphasis on sustainability, renewable energy, and smart technologies, engineers are also increasingly sought after in emerging sectors like green energy and IoT, opening up opportunities in research, consultancy, and entrepreneurship. Engineering skills are highly valued for their versatility, problem-solving capabilities, and innovation, making engineering graduates well-positioned for leadership roles and career advancement in both technical and non-technical paths.

Immerse Education offers Engineering programmes in Cambridge, Oxford, Sydney, Toronto and online.

To join an Immerse Education course, you don’t need to know anything about the subject beforehand. All you need is to be eager to learn. Before the course starts, you’ll get some reading materials to help you get ready and feel more confident as you begin your learning adventure.

In the Engineering course by Immerse Education, you will study a broad range of topics including Mathematics for Engineering, Mechanics, Electrical and Information Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Aeronautical Engineering. This curriculum provides a comprehensive understanding of different engineering principles and prepares you for further studies or a career in this field.

The Engineering course by Immerse Education is best suited for participants who are passionate about understanding how things work and are interested in solving complex problems. Ideal participants are those who have a keen interest in mathematics and sciences, enjoy designing and building solutions, and are curious about the application of technology in various fields.

The course is designed for students who are eager to explore the different branches of engineering and are considering a future career in this diverse and impactful field. Whether you are looking to deepen your existing knowledge or explore engineering for the first time, this course provides a supportive and enriching environment to learn and grow.

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