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Exceptional academic programmes in Cambridge University colleges, designed and taught by expert tutors from world-class universities. Immerse is a unique Cambridge Summer School.

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Cambridge is internationally renowned for its academic excellence, its beautiful college architecture and its prestigious and rich history. Your time at our school includes experiencing living in actual student accommodation in historic University of Cambridge colleges. We also have Oxford summer programmes!

About Immerse Education

Immerse Education was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing students aged 13-18 with unparalleled educational experiences. We have educated thousands of students from around the world through our exceptional academic enrichment programmes in the leading academic institutions.


At Immerse, we are committed to the highest quality of education. Our programmes are unique in their focus on academic rigour, stimulating our participant’s intellectual curiosity in their chosen subjects.


Please note that Immerse Education is an independent organisation that privately contracts with Cambridge colleges and is not affiliated to the University of Cambridge nor its constituent colleges.


To learn more about Immerse Education, please visit our About Us page.

Our Alumni Says

I really wanted an opportunity to expand my academic portfolio. A simple Google search led me to the Immerse essay competition, and I thought that it would be really great for me because there were a lot of opportunities to explore subject-based ideas in my essay submission.

We’ve learned about intersectionality, womanism, which is a subsection of feminism, and we’ve learned about unconscious bias misogyny. I feel like all of these things are current in real life and are relevant topics that we should be aware of.
My confidence has increased a lot with this course – I’ve been encouraged about public speaking, and I’ve learnt more about eloquence and taking opportunities as they come.

Zoe M
Attended Immerse in 2022
Female Future Leaders Participant
Our Alumni Says

I’ve been learning mostly about the disadvantages and advantages a woman faces in the workplace and how to navigate those situations, how to use the skills that I have, and how I can adapt what I’m doing on the programme and bring it into real life scenarios in the future. My favourite part of the program was definitely the people that I’ve met and the different cultural backgrounds, especially in the future female leaders program there are so many people that have different experiences and have come from different places that have different levels of rights and representation – it’s been really incredible.

The Female Future Leaders programme was an incredible experience. It really broadened my horizons, especially if you have issues with public speaking and confidence – it’s really helped with that.

Sidney D
Attended Immerse in 2022
Female Future Leaders Participant

The Immerse Experience For Secondary School Students

Our courses are designed by expert university tutors who are passionate about sharing their subject in classes with motivated students like you. Advanced academic content is adapted to individual interests and abilities. Every participant is challenged to explore their potential. Immerse is not just any Cambridge Summer Programme; we focus on programmes of academic rigour in this inspirational city.

An overview of our exceptional academic tutors at the heart of our academic programmes. With extensive experience in teaching students at universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard, each expert tutor combines their enthusiasm and unique subject expertise to create a rich programme of academic discovery. With an average of 7 students in each class, tutors are able to provide highly personalised feedback both during and after the programme.

Live the life of a Cambridge student

The experience of staying in Cambridge’s colleges is like no other. Experience authentic student life in Cambridgestudy and have fun in a summer programme designed for motivated and ambitious students. If you’d like to find out which Cambridge college you could be in this summer, just contact us.

If you’re interested in competing against other students from a scholarship, check out the Immerse Education essay competition. Winners are awarded a full or partial scholarship to the summer programme or online course of a chosen subject. International students from all over the world take part in the opportunity to live and study like a Cambridge student, and to develop their academic skills in Cambridge whilst also taking part in a wide variety of social activities and field trips.

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Hear from previous summer's students

The Immerse programme has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my whole life, to be honest! In psychology I’ve studied behavioural psychology, cognitive psychology, and we had a whole day to study gender and sexuality because it’s my tutor’s specialty.

For my personal project, I decided to do research about the correlation between the time adolescents spend on their phone and their levels of concentration. We learned about the aspects of the experiment that we could improve upon, such as the diversity of people asked, and the variation of demographics.

I really enjoyed the London and Oxford excursions, but I’d say the Oxford one was my favourite, because it looked like home for me – it reminds me of Brazil for some reason! I loved it, and London was also amazing.

Pilar C
Attended Immerse in 2022
Residential Psychology (16 - 18)

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