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About Immerse Education


Immerse Education was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing students aged 13-18 with unparalleled educational experiences. We have educated thousands of students through our exceptional academic enrichment programmes in the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge University, University College London and the University of Sydney. Check out our courses in Cambridge, Oxford, London, Sydney and Online courses.

At Immerse, we are committed to the highest quality of education. Our programmes are unique in their focus on academic rigour, stimulating our participant’s intellectual curiosity in their chosen subjects.

We strive to ensure that every student leaves our programmes with newfound expertise and enthusiasm to plan the next stages of their education. To this end, all of our programmes are designed by tutors from leading global universities and help prepare participants for future success.


More than 125 nationalities

Our programmes are attended by students from across the globe. They are held in inspiring locations across the United Kingdom, making them not only academically challenging but also culturally enriching.

To date, we have delivered over 2,500 academic programmes, directed by tutors from world-leading universities to students of more than 125 nationalities.

The Immerse Education team are passionate about education. Our experience ranges from teaching at the United Kingdom’s leading schools to developing some of the world’s most exciting education companies. Read profiles of our senior management team below.

Leadership Team
Sean Stevens
Peter Grieve

Sean studied at Christ Church, University of Oxford where he gained experience tutoring young students. Upon graduating, he then set about creating outstanding educational experiences for students from around the world. He is passionate about how new methods of education and technology have the capacity to influence the development of students. At its core, education is about unleashing human potential. Sean’s goal is to positively impact as many young futures as possible.

Peter has experience in providing high-quality academic programmes since 2013. A dual-honours graduate in Chinese & Business Management, he loves to travel and experience lifestyles around the world. He is passionate about welcoming students from a wide range of countries, backgrounds and cultures to Immerse Education. Peter enjoys helping ambitious students find their place in a positive and interconnected planet.


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