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Our programmes are attended by students from across the globe. They are held in inspiring locations across the world, making them not only academically challenging but also culturally enriching.

To date, we have delivered over 2,500 academic programmes, directed by tutors from world-leading universities to students of more than 125 nationalities.

The Immerse Education team are passionate about education. Our experience ranges from teaching at the United Kingdom’s leading schools to developing some of the world’s most exciting education companies. Read profiles of our senior management team below.

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Immerse Education Timeline

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2012 Rooted in Oxford

During his time at the University of Oxford, Sean Stevens, the brains behind Immerse Education, felt a profound calling to craft inspirational and effective educational experiences for students worldwide. Witnessing a diverse mix of students drawn to Oxford’s age-old surroundings, Sean envisioned an educational model that artfully blends time-honoured traditions with modern pedagogical approaches, ensuring inclusivity for every learner, regardless of background or learning preference. It was here that the idea of Immerse was born.

Sean Stevens (founder)
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2016 Evolution of Immerse Education

In 2012, Sean established “Cambridge Immerse”, laying the foundations of what would later become Immerse Education. Bolstered by a robust team of educators and passionate professionals, Immerse has evolved to continuously improve its programmes and reach more motivated young learners, never altering our passion for providing truly transformative educational experiences.

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2020 Adapting with Distinction

Unlike other providers, Immerse harmoniously blends holistic educational practices with cutting-edge technology. In 2020, we adapted to the climate of the pandemic by bringing our highly sought-after residential experiences to the online world. We now offer a distinctive digital experience, underpinned by our ethos of personalized learning designed to ensure the Immerse experience is accessible to all. Since its establishment in 2012, we now offer unparalleled learning programmes in inspiring locations including Cambridge, Oxford, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Toronto, New York, and Online.

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2022 Beyond Just a Summer

At Immerse, we appreciate that learning is a continuous journey. We remain steadfast in supporting our students through various stages – from secondary school transitions to university preparation and beyond. Our portfolio spans programmes designed to prepare motivated participants for university with our academic pathways offering, as well as courses for learners keen to prepare for the world of work with career-oriented experiences. At the core of all of our programmes is the development of skills and in-depth knowledge and the opportunity to practice this in the context of the real world. 

Join us at Immerse Education, where tradition meets innovation in delivering unparalleled educational experiences.

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Leadership Team

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Our Manifesto

Read more about our Manifesto, and the values that run through all of Immerse Education’s programmes

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Our Partnerships

We forge partnerships with some of the leading education brands and industry brands, to enhance the quality of every one of our programmes.

Our Prestigious Locations


Participants will learn to explore the world around them with an architect’s eye, analysing their environment and identifying how each building, structure, and feature influenced by Britain’s long history with urban design.


Choose from a range of subjects to study in the historic city of Oxford. Embrace each college’s unique atmosphere and stunning surroundings, enjoy the vibrant cultural offerings, and feel your subject mastery blossom. Whilst the sun’s out, explore the city’s winding river on a punt.


Choose from a number of industries to explore in this densely packed capital. Experience the pulse of sectors like finance, fashion, and media, immersing yourself in key London hubs, from Canary Wharf’s financial centre to the West End’s theatre scene. Learn directly from industry professionals and get a sense of your future career.


Study in the vibrant city of Sydney, where modern skyscrapers meet iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House. Dive into one of many  subjects, explore the bustling markets, and relax on the world-renowned beaches whilst supercharging your subject mastery.

New York

In New York, the city that never sleeps, engage with an industry-led programme —embracing iconic industry hotspots, from Wall Street finance to Broadway entertainment. Gain hands-on experience and network with professionals in the Big Apple, all while taking in the unmatched skyline and culture.


Study in the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, offering a rich tapestry of cultures, explore one of our career-led programmes. Experience the buzz of city life, skyscrapers, and historic districts. In your downtime, escape to nearby natural wonders like Niagara Falls whilst you accelerate your subject expertise.

San Francisco

In San Francisco, delve into the world of tech and innovation to explore one of our industry-focused programmes. Work alongside startups in Silicon Valley, or explore the sustainable practices of the city’s green businesses. The city offers a window into cutting-edge industries, all set against a backdrop of scenic natural beauty.


Singapore is a great summer programme destination for its vibrant multicultural atmosphere, cutting-edge educational institutions, and its status as a global hub for innovation and technology. With its blend of academic excellence, cultural richness, and modern amenities, Singapore offers students a unique and enriching summer experience.


Tokyo offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity, providing students with a rich cultural experience and endless opportunities for learning and exploration, making it a great summer school destination. A summer programme in Tokyo means diving into the heart of Japanese culture and innovation. This city offers academic excellence, and innovative experiences, making it an ideal destination for enriching summer programmes. 


Pennsylvania is a great summer programme destination for students who seek a diverse range of attractions, including historic landmarks, world-class museums. Pennsylvania is also home to renowned Ivy League universities and offers students a slew of opportunities for outdoor scenic adventures. With its rich history, academic excellence, and natural beauty, Pennsylvania offers students an unforgettable summer experience.


Boston is an ideal summer programme destination due to its rich historical significance, vibrant cultural scene. Home to top-ranked universities, and offering an array of activities ranging from exploring Freedom Trail to enjoying performances at renowned theatres, this city is an ideal location for students looking for an enriching and memorable experience.


Dublin offers a captivating blend of rich history, vibrant culture, and modern amenities, making it an ideal destination for a summer programme. As the capital city of Ireland, Dublin boasts world-renowned universities, providing students with access to top academic resources, as well as impressive landmarks, making this city a great location for pre-university students look for an enriched experience.

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