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Whether you’re drawn to business management for its diverse career opportunities, potential for high earnings, development of entrepreneurial and leadership abilities, or global perspectives, Immerse Education’s Business Management Programmes provide an exceptional stepping stone into the commercial world.You’ll explore key business concepts such as strategic management, marketing, and finance, building a solid foundation of knowledge. Through interactive workshops, real-world case studies, and dynamic group projects, you’ll hone your analytical, leadership, and problem-solving abilities essential for success in business.

Guided by experienced business professionals and tailored to your interests, the course spans various business disciplines and scenarios, helping you identify potential career paths. Personalised feedback and mentorship empower you to maximise your potential and thrive in the dynamic realm of business management.

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Where Do We Offer Business Management?

Choose between remote learning or attending classes in person, immerse yourself in the dynamic environment of a global city or the serene setting of a university town, and explore business management as a practical career path or delve into its theoretical foundations and research as an academic pursuit—there’s an Immerse Pathway tailored to your ambitions.

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Academic Insights Pathway

University Preparation

Offers a deep dive into specific academic fields, providing an unparalleled insight into university-level study. Suitable for high school students considering university studies in a particular area.
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Online Research Programme Pathway

Personal Research Project

Allows students to engage in advanced research under expert guidance. Focuses on developing rigorous research and analytical skills within a specific academic discipline.
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Online Insights Pathway

Web-based Learning

Offers flexible, web-based learning experiences. Provides foundational knowledge and insights into various academic subjects and career fields
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What to Expect in a Business Management Programme

Immerse Education’s Residential Business Management summer schools offer students a comprehensive exploration of both the theoretical and practical aspects of business. The ‘Academic Insights’ Pathway delves into core business principles, strategic management, and contemporary research in the field. Meanwhile, the ‘Career Insights’ pathway emphasizes real-world business skills, including communication, leadership and evidence-based reasoning — key competencies for future business leaders.

Both pathways enable participants to gain a profound understanding of business dynamics and the essential skills required to excel in the corporate world.

With Immerse, participants can choose to study Business Management remotely as part of a group in an academic or career-focussed Business Management Online summer school. The ‘Online Insights’ programme will arm remote learners with the same foundational knowledge, case studies, activities and projects as their traditional, residential counterparts.

Alternatively, participants can complete an Online Research Programme, during which they’ll delve into a personally chosen research area with the help of a seasoned business mentor, ultimately producing a university-level academic paper.

Our In-person Programmes May Include

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1-on-1 Tutoring

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Group Workshops

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Personal Research Project

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Expert Seminars

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Day Excursions

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Certificate of Achievement

Meet Some of Our Business Management Tutors

Our business management tutors offer exceptional motivational and educational support to students aiming for a career in business. Drawing on their own successful professional background, they share unique case studies, provide realistic feedback, and ground their theoretical education in real experiences. They’ll spark students entrepreneurial potential by tapping into their own areas of interest. Tutors cater to ESL students, helping them master business terminology vital for global markets.

What Do Our Alumni Have to Say?

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The Immerse Education Difference

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Top university placement

Our students end up in top universities:
Including Oxford, NYU, Cambridge, Harvard, Imperial College London, University of Toronto, MIT, and many more.

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Safe & secure environment

The safety and well-being of our participants is our number one priority, and all staff undergo enhanced background checks and receive thorough safeguarding training.

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Accreditations, awards & partnerships

We are accredited with Aegis and BAC, and won: Queens Award for Enterprises, British Youth Travel: Best Educational product finalist, and Educational Investor Award 2023.

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Post-programme benefits

Including Access to Membership Benefits and Events from Partners, Life-time Access to Learning Opportunities via the Immerse Alumni Network, Live Events, Exclusive Offers from our Partners.

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Our expert mentors

All mentors on our programmes are past/current students at Oxford or Cambridge University All of our support staff are background-checked and receive training in providing an unforgettable experience for every Immerse student.

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Business Management Summer Schools FAQs

Why is business management important to study?

Immerse™ Business Management programmes provide participants with a comprehensive exploration of entrepreneurship, marketing, and organisational strategies. It covers a wide range of topics, from business ethics to financial management and strategic planning.

Why is it important to study Business Management? Business is the driving force behind economies and industries. From startups to multinational corporations, effective business management shapes success. By studying Business Management, you gain insights into leadership, innovation, and the dynamics of global markets.

Professionals in Business Management have diverse career opportunities. They can work in corporations, startups, financial institutions, marketing agencies, and more. Graduates can pursue roles in entrepreneurship, project management, marketing, and strategic planning. The field of Business Management offers opportunities for leadership, innovation, and driving organisational success.

Immerse Education offers online, residential and career-based courses in Business Management.

There’s no need for prior skills, experience, or learning in Business Management to enrol in the course. A passion for understanding how businesses work, curiosity about strategic planning, and a willingness to engage in collaborative decision-making are useful strengths.

The business management syllabus overview provides insight into the topics explored in Immerse Education’s courses. While the exact syllabus may vary based on your tutor and location, we ensure a comprehensive array of subjects, drawing from university syllabi and the dynamic world of business. You’ll be inspired by content that demystifies quality leadership, marketing disciplines, business finance, strategy, and real-world case studies. Then, you’ll be empowered to use this knowledge to develop your own entrepreneurial ideas.

Participants who are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, fascinated by organisational dynamics, and eager to develop leadership skills are best suited for the Business Management course. If you have a passion for shaping business strategies and a desire to learn from experienced professionals, this course offers a valuable learning experience.

Immerse Education integrates Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) to support ESL students. This approach combines academic content with language development, ensuring that students improve their English proficiency while engaging with subject-specific material. Our experienced tutors use a variety of techniques to enhance understanding and language acquisition. Additionally, they provide personalised feedback and support to help students master subject-specific terminology.

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