I found the Online Research Programme classes very interactive. My tutor had economics experience from university, which meant that I was able to experience what studying economics at university would be like.

Shreya G
Attended Immerse in 2022

Online Research Programme, Economics

Who’s it for?

What to Expect from the Online Research Programme

Handling the transition from high school to university has become increasingly challenging for high performing students from around the world. Top universities are looking for evidence that sets students apart amongst a sea of qualified applicants. In addition, motivated students actively want to learn the skills that would enable them to succeed in a university environment, as well as study a subject in a way that is not possible within the limits of exam-focused school curricula.

Each student will undertake advanced research in a topic of their interest, culminating in a full-length academic research paper. The programme is conducted online and the research paper is assessed by a world class tutor.

The development of the research project will be guided by a student’s personal tutor. The whole programme is facilitated online over the course of 2 weeks (10 contact hours) or 10 weeks (20 contact hours). Participants can choose the intensity of their course.

The Online Research programme provides undergraduate-level research opportunities to motivated and high achieving students.

One on One Learning

Participants will work one-on-one with university tutors from Cambridge University, Oxford University or an Ivy League institution. These specialists are teachers who have experience teaching actual undergraduates, and deep subject expertise.

Learn Independent Research Skills

Students will be introduced to key undergraduate-level research skills, including learning how to use online journals and how to reference authors correctly. Furthermore, each student will learn how to evaluate different sources of information and gain the skills needed to critically evaluate conflicting sources.

Experience World-Class University Teaching

The course combines 1:1 lessons with independent study and research, similar to the teaching methodology undergraduates receive at universities such as Cambridge and Oxford or Ivy League institutions. This provides an unparalleled experience of learning at the world’s top universities.

Receive Personalised Feedback

Through careful observation and support throughout the programme, the tutor will identify key strengths and write recommendations as to how the student can further their interest and develop their skills and knowledge. Throughout the programme, students will receive encouraging, personalised feedback.

Example of Alumni Research Papers

What Do Our Alumni Say?
Stoian D. Alumni Online Research Programme
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My personal tutor was unutterably incredible. I am most grateful to him for making remarks to me about certain mistakes of mine, which I had to emphasize, and directing my gaze to where to look, and how to communicate a certain message unequivocally.

I learned many new ideas from him, which I only thought about, but did not study in depth. He repeatedly gave me advice on what to do next time I write such a project or apply to a university. Certainly thanks to him I am different now and much better than when I started this programme!!!

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Stoian D

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Online Research Programme

How Our Online Research Programme Works

Receive a personalised programme tailored to your goals

Submit Your Enrolment

Once you have submitted your enrolment and paid a deposit, you will be sent a booking confirmation asking for more information on your academic background and goals.

Be Matched With One Of Our Expert Tutors

Using your academic background form, our team will match your profile with one of our expert tutors from Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League Universities.

Receive Your Course Induction Pack

Once we’ve found your tutor, confirmed your timetable and received your full fees, you will receive final instructions containing details about your programme, such as a course overview, how to access your virtual classroom, as well as any additional material from your tutor.

Start Your Course

Choose from a 10 – 20 hours programme with 1:1 tutorials each week. You will also be required to research and prepare your project in your own time.


At the end of the course, your academic research project will be independently assessed and you will receive a certificate of completion, as well as a detailed evaluation from your tutor.

Online Research Programme Options

We now offer this programme over three delivery modes, Intensive, Classic and Extensive. Depending on your study style or goals, you can choose from over 20 subjects to study over 2 weeks or 10 weeks.

Online Research Programme


10 Hours


Online Research Programme


20 Hours


Online Research Programme


4 Hours



How to Choose Between Classic or Extensive?

If you’re not sure which programme to opt for you can use the guide below:

See Our Online Curriculum Support Programmes

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