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Artificial Intelligence Summer School

Residential programmes
Our Artificial Intelligence summer school offers students to gain a taster of what it’s like to study AI in a carefully designed programme taught by expert tutors from world-leading universities. It’s the unique opportunity to study a subject that is not studied in secondary schools and gain insight into some of the essential theoretical and practical foundations of this new field. Expert tutors will introduce you to fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence and explain using practical examples. You will learn the intersection between this field, machine learning and robotics. Find out more below!
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Artificial Intelligence Summer School
16-18 years old

Artificial Intelligence

Academic Insights • 16-18 years old
Academic Insights
16-18 years
Oxford has the perfect environment to learn in-depth Artificial Intelligence knowledge from expert Oxbridge tutors who will guide you through the main concepts of this innovative field and the path you can take.
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I loved the way we were taught a bit of background covering computer architecture and cryptography, which connected many dots and gave me a bigger picture.

Albert M
Attended Immerse in 2018
Residential Summer Programme (Computer Science) Student

About the Immerse Artificial Intelligence Summer School

Did you know that Artificial Intelligence is a discipline rarely explored in typical high schools? Yet AI is an innovative growing field at the intersection of machine learning and robotics with the potential to change the world as we know it in the next decade. Our Artificial Intelligence Summer School will allow you to explore different concepts in addition to practical skills.

You will learn in small groups directly from leading tutors with vast knowledge of AI from world-leading universities. You will also learn about the different career paths and subfields the artificial intelligence field can take you.

Are you looking for an inspirational Artificial Intelligence summer course that will provide you with an edge to your understanding of AI? Look no further than our Artificial Intelligence summer programmes.

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Artificial Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our artificial intelligence summer program

What is artificial intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a digital computer’s ability to perform intelligent tasks such as reasoning, learning from past experience, and determining patterns. It’s because of AI that you can play chess against a computer. Or ask Alexa to order from Amazon.

Why is it important to study artificial intelligence?
Because much of human progress today will not be possible without AI. It’s a valuable tool that makes human lives easier and more productive. Its capability to repeat tasks and improve each time reduces human effort. Allowing individuals to focus more on human interaction.

Despite the rapid technological growth, there is still much room for improvement. For instance, what are the ethical bounds of AI use? How can you improve AI to make treating cancer more efficient? Questions such as these are impactful to human lives. When you study AI, you can help make a difference.

According to the World Economic Forum, there are 97 million new roles related to AI. What are the roles already growing in demand today? Data engineers and scientists, robotics engineers, machine learning specialists, information research scientists, and software developers.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 22% job growth for computer and research scientists from 2020 to 2030. That’s 3,200 yearly job openings.

How about in the UK? The Royal Society reports that the demand for workers with specialist data skills has more than tripled over 5 years! That’s a staggering +231% increase!

Immerse Education offers Artificial Intelligence for both online and residential. The residential course is in Oxford, UK and is for 16-18 years old.

Ethics of AI
Do you know there’s a flurry of debate with the rise of AI? The most common include, will AI replace human workers? Is AI at fault for the misuse of private information? Can it help tackle the problem of fake news? The ethics of AI is a crucial foundation for your learning. So put on your scholar’s hat!

Applications of AI
What are the different applications and implications of AI in various industries? This class will help you examine the use of AI in medicine, social sciences and humanities. You’ll know where AI caused the most impact by the end of the lesson. And you’ll discover the new jobs AI created.

AI and Machine learning
Are you curious to know the history of AI research? You’ll learn the initial experiments that helped shape AI as you see today. Then you’ll dive into the probabilistic basis of machine learning. What are neural networks, and how do they work? This lesson will demystify AI and machine learning techniques.

Artificial Intelligence and Playing Games
Do you know that in 1990, IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue beat chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov? After only a six-game match! The event took place over several days, garnering massive media attention. The champion’s defeat by AI shocked the world.

In this module, you’ll face the questions, what is artificial intelligence, and what does it mean to be rational? What role does AI’s rationality play in games? Also, why do we need AI?

Eager for more? You’ll also learn about algorithms such as MiniMax, simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, and Monte Carlo methods. You’ll also understand how to use them to solve optimisation problems.

Motivated students aged 16-18 who are interested in AI. Are you looking to take computer science or computer engineering at the University? Taking this residential course will give you a massive headstart.

Also, if you want to learn from expert tutors whilst staying in University of Oxford colleges, this summer course is for you!

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