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have something to say
Hear from some previous participants who took part in an Immerse programme
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  • Our alumni

    have something to say
    Hear from some previous participants who took part in an Immerse programme
    Learn more
  • Anna K

    Current undergraduate of the Imperial College London

    "The Immerse Education programme is a useful experience for both learning and personal career. I learned a lot, met new people, understood new concepts and most importantly I enjoyed it a hundred percent. You get an overview of many topics and realize the world behind what you don’t know about. In my opinion, this was the best choice I could ever make at (...)"
  • Emma S

    Oxbridge Online Research Programme Student

    "I studied Business Management on the Oxbridge Online Research Programme. I am a very shy person and I thought that I would have a problem communicating with my tutor, but as soon as we started our first lesson all my nerves went away and I started talking normally as if I was talking to a friend! I found the course really useful to (...)"
  • Sarah T

    Academic Insights participant

    "The individualised attention was something that I was incredibly pleased with. It really helped me to delve into my area of interest, and to learn far more about the subject than I could have on my own. It’s built up my confidence, and I’m now sure that I want to advance my interest to university level."
  • Amy R

    Residential Summer Programme (English Literature) Student

    "The course helped me extend my knowledge of English Literature in a lot of different areas which I had not had the opportunity to study before and in an interesting, friendly and interactive way. I came home with a list of different books I want to read and topics I want to follow up on."
  • Arianna Z

    Oxbridge Online Research Programme (Law) Student

    "I was a bit worried as I do not know much about law and what area I wanted to do, but when I started to explore my ideas with my tutor, she helped me to finally find out the specific law I would like to do in the future; family law."
  • immerse

    Our 'Academic Insights' residential Cambridge Summer School is designed and taught by expert university tutors, with over 20 different courses to choose from. Experience university life and meet a global network of friends.
  • immerse

    The 'City of Dreaming Spires' hosts our Oxford Summer Schools, with a popular range of subjects available. Situated in central colleges within the University of Oxford in July and August 2021.
  • immerse

    Our industry-focused London summer programmes are based in the heart of London. Interactive projects and workshops offer the opportunity to learn from professionals in some of our fastest-growing industries.
  • immerse

    Experience small-group learning with 'Online Insights', or develop a project you'll be proud of in the '1:1 Research Programme'. Connect with expert academics from the comfort of your home.

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The highlights of our award-winning academic programmes in Oxford and Cambridge are also available online. Study with a tutor from Oxford or Cambridge University. Courses are available throughout the year, not just summer.
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